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MBTI books

I've read the following:

Gifts differing, that's a nice introduction.

Type Talk, that's more of a practical application of typing people.

And now I'm reading Please Understand me 2.

These books are pretty good and have really boosted my knowledge but I'm still wanting read A LOT more on it, these books still, I think, only scratch the surface.
Personally, I tell people that if there's only one book you get on MBTI (actually KTS in this case), it's this one. Second overall would probably be Myers' classic, Gifts Differing.

I haven't seen much on Beebe in print so far.

That first one looks very interesting. One thing I've found is that type refers to neutral people. A lot of the people you meet in life have hang-ups, problems, obsessions, difficulties etc. and it's hard to relate these slate clean personality types to real people with personality difficulties.
I've read many of the Best Fit Type short books - I recommend going to the http://www.bestfittype.com/ website and browse through a few. I can tell you about maybe six of them. I highly recommend them. They're short, easy to understand, and cheap! :D

Link to books here, but you can also find them on Amazon.com: http://www.interstrength.com/products/10
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