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Time Lord
Oct 7, 2009
Florida man
As i need to find a sense of comedy at the moment I'm going to have a semi serious discussion about the legalization of giggle weed in California. Personally I think it's a good Idea, not on any of the pro or con values for which it's been debated, but instead to test the waters and see what effects will come about for having it legalized stateside.

Now I know the White Rhino has been legal in many countries for many years. even one of our closest neighbors favors the digety dank. And so I'd like for anybody who lives in such countries kinda help me along in understanding exactly how it effects people over the oceans.

Is the white widow as common cigarettes?

Do teens and children have ready access to left hand tobbaco legaly or otherwise?

Has cannabis generally helped or hurt the economy?

Has the crime rate fallen or risen because of yum-yum?

thanks in advance.
all i'd have to do is mention that i want to smoke and 'boom!'... i can get it without even so much as a flinch... its sooo readily available here....

do i smoke it? no... did i used to? yea...

has it affected me? only in not getting a better paying job...

i smoked ya... but it hasn't affected any of my thought processes in any way... i was still able to make decisions after smoking a few bowls...

so these teenagers around here that are all like, "man, i am soo buzzed right now... blah blah blah..."... personally, i think they uise the "oh, im so high right now, so i can't make wise decisions" as an excuse out of pure laziness...

but thats just my personal opinion...

as far as cutting down the crime? it would put the drug dealers out of business.. and in this economy, people need 'jobs'...

its a business... and it would make a lot of small business owners out of work...

lol, just my 2 cents...
When you think about it, how many people get violent or crazy smoking pot? But alcohol... people get mean with that, so why one and not the other?
You take away their booze and they'll kill for it.
Take away their pot and they'll still smoke it.