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Make 'em laugh?


Jul 23, 2010
Hi, I'm new here. Name's Sean, but you can call me rev, or Sean.

I was wondering if any other INFJ found that they had this uncanny ability to make people laugh? I have since my early teens to include: individuals, groups and crowds. I don't even have to try, I just do. It can actually get annoying sometimes, because a great deal of time, I'm really not trying to tell a joke, but I guess it just comes off that way. Like, once I got over my fear of crowds in my mid-twenty's, I found if you put me in front of crowd, I can really get them going. Weird, I know, but anyone else experience this?


I find that I can make people with certain senses of humor laugh. Usually if I realize that they ahve that sense of humor, it is hard to resist making them laugh. I've gotten in trouble from making people laugh before....

so I guess it is true for me to some extent. This is just with other individuals though.
Well, I have not yet conquered my nervousness towards dealing with groups, I also think I have a good ability to make people laugh. Although it usually takes me a while to get a sense of who they are before I will start making comments as my sense of humour is very dark, caustic, dry, and can be somewhat perverse and because of that I am afraid that it will offend certain people.
I banter with people a lot. Humor is like a little mind puzzle for me. How can I rearrange these words or letters to make them funny? How can I create a word association to reference something that people find funny?

I'm also a huge fan of stand-up comedy. I need to work on my fear of public speaking, but I'm dying to try out a set one day.
Hello Sean,

I can make people laugh usually when I'm not trying to. I have a really dry sense of humor but I love making puns on other people's words and that usually give others a good laugh. Intentionally telling jokes is not my thing, it's really hard for me to make the punch line and the ending of the joke I make it seems as if I was serious and people would say to me "are you serious?" and I would be like "no dude, it was just a joke...laugh". >.>
I interject humor into almost every conversation I have. I do it without really recognizing it, but I think in a sense it's a defense or defusing mechanism. I figure if the first thing I say can make someone laugh, our conversation takes a much more relaxed tone and we can relate better. I too have a hard time being "intentionally" funny. If I'm just being myself, I normally make people laugh.

I had to take a communications course my first semester of college. Every week we had to give a speech, and I remember thinking how stupid of a class it was (except that it's where I learned about MBTI!) so I never prepared for my speeches. I'd get up there and talk bullshit for 10 minutes, and I always got people laughing. I remember one time after a long night I started my speech by saying "So when I woke up on my bathroom floor twenty minutes ago I started to think about what I was going to say today..." I was being completely honest, but it was also good for a laugh.

I should have failed the class out of lack of preparation, but managed to 4.0 it because my TA always commented on how "engaging" my speeches were. I accredit that to being able to make people laugh.

I also was part of an improvisational group while in high school. We had competitions, and were supposed to do research on all sorts of things and come somewhat prepared. We'd then be given about an hour to come up with a skit that resolved certain problems within 7 minutes. We always showed up with no supplies and had not prepared all year (when we had our "meetings" we played cards and just hung out in my parent's basement) We never actually solved the problems we were given, but advanced to the state competitions for 4 years in a row. I remember our last skit we were supposed to be on a safari or something, and my friend Kenny pretended to be bitten by a snake so I tore off my skirt and used it to "stop the bleeding." Well my two other friends decided that one shirt wasn't enough, and all of a sudden the three of us were on stage in front of parents and judges half naked. We got huge deductions for clothing malfunctions, but we kept people laughing the entire time. In the end we took third place.

I've kinda gone off on a tangent, but laughter really is a good ice-breaker, and it can get you pretty far with a number of people.
This is a great topic on something that's not talked about a whole lot on this forum--humor. Yes, I can and have always been able to make people laugh when I want to. I have to be in a decent mood, but I've always been able to do this. As a matter of fact (I have commented on this before) I was pretty quiet and unassuming as a kid, but I could always make friends with my sense of humor.

I think the N/S is where we get it from. It will be different obviously for each type, but observing (S) and dissecting (N) human nature is what humor is all about. Well...that and fart/penis jokes! I really like the comment about humor being a puzzle, how N of you to say that Vivid.
Humour is such an integrated part of my way of expressing myself that I consciously have to switch it off in the rare cases when it is not appropriate. I never tell jokes though. ISTJs are the only ones that I never get to laugh.
According to my friends, my humour comes in alternate degrees of caustic and offensive. :D
I'm usually much more reserved, and therefore well-mannered, around people I don't know though.

I think humor's a very important skill to use when meeting first-acquaintances though. It really helps break the ice so that both feel that, yeah it's alright to make jokes here; we're not going to bite each other's heads off.
I like making people laugh about serious or morbid things... it seems to help break down the sense of 'walking on egg shells' that some people have.

I guess it serves my preference for direct, frank conversation.