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Love means Evil


Jun 24, 2009
Could somebody please tell me
Is this translation good enough and readable for native English speakers? Is there any mistakes?

Love means Evil
Manichaeistic point of view

written in russian by Yaroslav Zolotaryov

Love and Ahimsa

Having thought if there is any Love (in the general meaning of the word) in manichaeism, I have come to the conclusion, that there is no Love in it.

There is Ahimsa. But Ahimsa is not Love. It does not want to change its object to the best. It wants it to develop completely independently, without external interference in the process. It’s not Love, because there is no possession, no wish to possess.

Had Zarathushtra any Love? No, he had not. As well as all Manichaeans, he, being a dualist, wanted good to stay good, and bad to stay bad. Good wants to separate from Bad, but not to eradicate it.
Roughly speaking, we only want that Bad will leave us alone and let us enjoy our positivity.
In fact, archons wanted to possess light, angels didn’t invade Kingdom of darkness. Archons “love” us, but we do not love them.

According to the myth, devils fell in love with the dancing Girl of Light and erected light in passion. She-devils at the same time wanted to become pregnant from Mithra and gave birth to mixed creatures. But did the Girl of Light love devils? Of course, she despised them. Did Mithra love she-devils? It is ridiculous to think so!

Had Buddha any Love? No, he had only compassion. But I am afraid there was no compassion either, and everything was made up by Mahayana (mixed Buddhism and bloody nasty things like Shivaism and Confucianism). ”Monks leave their homes and look at the life apathetically,”- is written in Dhammapada.

Is there any Love in Christianity? I think real Christianity does not contain it. Apostles Paul and John meant Love. As Paul’s words were greatly edited and changed by demiurg adepts, we should go back to John the Apostle. So-called John’s three epistles are really manichaeistic.
They contain much about Love. But is it true Love?

In love there is no fear, John writes, because fear is torturing, a dreadful person is imperfect in love. If there is no fear, such love is not afraid to lose, neither wants to gain anything. So, John’s vision of love is nothing, but Ahimsa.

The well-known phrase of John “God is Love” in the original sounds like “We know and have believed the love which God has for us. God is love, and he who remains in love remains in God, and God remains in him.”. Now there are three points:

1) Love begins with gnosis: “We know”. Thus, the described love is knowledge essentially, it is knowledge about God, and we are to believe in the love. (“and have believed the love”)

2) Does the described God, being Love himself, commit any violence or want to improve somebody? No, he doesn’t. “God’s love was expressed in sending of His Son to us, for our getting life thanks him”. Love had been opened, as if God showed the way and a man can decide himself, whether he wants to get life or not. Thus, God’s love means non-interference in a man’s choice.

3) The one in love is the one in God. So, God is just non-resistance, and everyone, who does not commit violence, becomes self-sufficient like God, because he needs nothing, wants nothing and his existence is self-sufficient completely.

When the Spirit of Truth (Saint Mani) has explained the common teaching, do we see any kind of love in the final teaching of Light? No, we can’t see any love.

Do we love animals? No, we don’t. We just don’t eat them. It is prohibited for a monk to keep domestic animals. In fact, your wish to have a “favourite” cat or dog is a kind of sadism.

Anyone, who has a domestic animal, simply likes to have a weak depending creature nearby and to treat it in a rude way or even to kill it, because of its age or disease. If we don’t eat meat, it doesn’t mean, that we are sorry for lovely cows. No, we consider them to be silly and aggressive. We don’t want to depend on them, to have anything in common and to take part in all those actions of Darkness, where one lives due to other’s death.

Do we love sinners? No, we don’t love them. When they will burn in the world’s fire, righteous people will look at them indifferently, and answer their appeals for mercy, that it’s their own fault. Do we eradiate sinners? Nothing of the kind! Those, who have chosen Darkness, must die. Those, who have chosen Light, will live forever. The candle of Gnosis lights to those, who can see. If we tell something, we tell those, who were already chosen to listen. There is no care about the blind people, they can’t see the Light, which we bring them. They treat our actions and words as unnecessary and senseless noise.

Do we, righteous people love each other? No, we don’t. We help each other. All these activities, which demiurgic confessions are famous by (propagation, agitation, manipulation), are prohibited. If I understand Light in one way, and my brother in the other, am I my brother's keeper? On the contrary, such eradication is a form of sadism, demonstration of superiority and violence. I proclaim one knowledge, my brother - another. This is love in Apostle John’s opinion.

Do we love God? No, we don’t. We think, that his Light is natural, there is no need to fight for it. We are not afraid to lose it. We need not take care about him, to protect him like we protect our own fathers. So, when we call him ”Father”, we don’t feel the spelled love between a father and a son. Jesus the Splendour said: ”No one can enter the God’s Kingdom, if he doesn’t hate relatives.”

Does god love us? No, he doesn’t. He just wants his own thing to be taken back. When he sends prophets to people, he wishes to get God’s Light back into the clear world. Due to space accident devils hid light, because had liked it. And God should take Love away from the world, send devils back to hell and send us to our homes. It looks like washing of dirt and dust away from the floor automatically. This action is natural and does not depend on neither love to the floor, nor hate to dirt.

Does the broom like the floor? Does the floor like the broom? Does the floor hate dirt? These questions are as absurd as disputes about Love and Hate concerning the God.

So, we love nobody and do not want to be loved. Because Love is Violence, Love is Evil.
That’s why there is no Love in the Kingdom of Good. And there is no Hate.
"Without suffering there'd be no compassion" a quote from "A Walk to Remember"
I agree it is readable.
I disagree with much of the writing regarding God and Love.
I disagree with much of the other.
There are many kinds of love.
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