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Literature to film adaptations

I don't know - except for those stupid muscles everywhere, I think he would make a good Superman.

Tangent: Why does anyone like huge muscles on anyone? Wow... you have huge muscles.. I think that means that you could beat me easier. I hsve too much self-preservation to encourage anyone to get big ol' muscles. I must say, I think they're creepy. I don't think anyone's neck should be bigger than my waist, period.

Anyway, tangent over. Generally, I hate Lit to Film adaptations. The Little Princess was one of my favorite books, but when I saw the film I was really disappointed. Like others have said, Lord of the Rings was actually really good, which surprised me too. I was happy with White Oleander (I think that's the one), but other than that, they're usually not just a huge disappointment, but I leave the theater or the movie really mad at them for ruining the original book!

I liked Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy too. It seems like movies that have been made more recently are better at keeping the original book in mind, but I could be wrong.
never read a superman comic them huh? He is BUILT!
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I was pissed about that. Where the fuck did the hobbits swords come from? They left the shire with none, showed up at the town with some. Bombadils role was to give stability in an ever changing world.

Yeah I missed Tom. What better way to start off your journey than by being rescued from a carnivorous tree by a jaunty singing hermit in an odd blue outfit.(And rescued later again from wights) To me he seemed to be a representation of Middle Earth as a whole. Some sort of nature spirit. Gandalf remarks how his fate is tied to Middle Earth's, despite his abilities.

Despite that though, I liked the film adaptations, and I read the books first.
Fight Club the film is way better then the book. So there!
OK..first it is really easy for me to adapt to each I can LOVE the book and the film adaptation apart from eachother, while still pointing out the horrific flaws...or greatness as it were... really something I can do too well...ill just do it from the most recent ive seen...

True blood adaptation from the sookie stackhouse novels...I LOVE this series...and I love the television adaptation....
I hate what they have done to a few of the characters...Eric mostly...but I can still LOVE it for what it is...Its great to give some faces to some of my favorite characters...though I will always keep my inner fantasy of them.

The tv series plot lines are hokey and fly way off anything the books ever did...but that hokeyness is just enough to keep me hooked...