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Libya's Gaddafi urges 'holy war' against Switzerland


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May 29, 2009
Libya's Gaddafi urges 'holy war' against Switzerland


Libya's Muammar Gaddafi has called for a jihad, or holy war, against Switzerland, as an ongoing diplomatic row between the two nations heats up.
He criticised a recent Swiss vote against the building of minarets and said Muslims must boycott the country.
There have been tensions between the nations since 2008, when one of Mr Gaddafi's sons was arrested in Geneva, accused of assaulting two servants.
A Swiss foreign ministry spokesman declined to comment on the jihad call.

lol, if the call for jihad wasn't from such a joke, it might be more serious. But the fact remains that such religiously-rooted comments provoke so little reaction these days. The US state department spokesman, Mr Crowley, described Gaddafis jihad comment as "lots of words, not necessarily a lot of sense" and has subsequently been made to apologize to Lybia lest the comment caused offence. :/

I'm sorry, but hasn't a state leader just called for religious holy war against a small neutral European state based on it's banning of minarets and the detainment of Gaddafis 2 pervert sons?! Not only is this reaction not being condemned enough, any condemnation is swiftly apologised for!!!

Gaddafi is ESFP, a lot like Mickey Rourke. So yeah, he's a joke, even if a powerful and dangerous joke. No matter how funny such people look, don't try to mess with them, because they won't be merciful. Gaddafi is a good example how a natural ESFP may operate in shadow mode, as INTJ mastermind.

I can't believe people have kept wars after the discovery of the atomic bomb. And at the moment nanotechnology is close to enable each human to have the power to destroy life on the planet from home. Since mind control is not an option, and won't even work, I suggest everybody quickly reorganize themselves, so that there's no more need for serious conflicts, for anything. It's either that or extinction.
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