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Its the ghoulest time of the year again!


Jul 27, 2008
Well, its getting closer anyhow.

Since I'll have an entire week all by myself during the day coming up here (the spouse and youngest are heading up to Oregan to visit family with his dad), I plan on using my free time to start making costumes.

Anyone got some creative ideas for my costume this year?

I'm leaning heavily towards the mother nature character from Fantasia 2000's Firebird Suite but I'm not committed to it yet....

Throw me some more ideas!?
Hmmm...what're you in the mood for, alcyone? Mother nature's cool, but I usually like the 60s hippie chick. That way I can just raid my local thrift store (or my mother's closet...).
I'm in the mood for something unique..... Maybe a little bit on the dark and/or risque side.
I want a character I can really use my creativity with.

You could say I'm in the mental stage of trying on costumes for mood and size.
It's a little on the expensive side, but I am thinking of buying red contact lenses for halloween, and temp-dying my hair black. THAT will freak some people out, haha.

Hmm. A creative witch costume seems to always be like a really good bet usually. What I mean by creative is doing something a little different then green paint and stuff.