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It's all the same film.

Silently Honest

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May 12, 2008
Yeah I know, it's done all the time when a movie or show is produced by the same studio, but still... it's worth more discussion then "it's effiencent!" This could've been a fun conversation!

I think this is what makes a studio "timeless". People don't notice the subtal similarites between all of the movies. It is this subconcisous registering of these similar themes, motions, and actions that make us feel familar and warm about it. If you look, most of those captured scenes, are famous scenes, stuff that made the movies particulary popular.
Disney is original when it comes to the storyline!

Only until recently where everything is just Bleh...
Original Content? They stole from the Grimms Brothers and from Perrault.
Well, personally I think the resemblance is hilarious. :)

But that being said there is very little if anything about Disney that is original. In fact even the Disney castle is a rip off. It's pretty well known that Disney went to Germany and saw the Neuschwanstein Castle, and replicated it only to make the trademark we all now know.

Now that, is far from original. But, hey.. the Disney empire is walking their thieving butts straight to bank, and I'm the sucker who just keeps watching that stuff. ;) Oh well.
I would also like to point out that I do not like disney at all, nor have I.
:D Lol - I saw that the other day on my LiveJournal and it made me laugh. Disney really does phone it in...

I wonder what the newer movies show?
If you are going to blame Disney, you should also blame just about every other production company out there. Movies and television alike are always digging up old content for inspiration because it sells. Also, people are lazy.