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Jul 7, 2008
Over the years is it possible for one to be born a certain way and develop into something else? I ask this because as a child, I was your prototypical INTJ: I loved computers and technology and all the like. I excelled in math and science, but I also loved reading. I had few friends, and my mind was pretty much engulfed in computers and all things geeky.

But I also had a huge, undying love for reading, and over the years it turned into music and many others. I've always been quite sensitive. Overtime I've developed my feeling side, and learning about being INFJ really helped me to find who I am.

But now, it's strange for me because I'm stuck in this kind of limbo between the two. It's like I'm nearly bi-polar in that sense, in that I really try my hardest to make people feel comfortable, but when I'm by myself I turn into my INTJ-mode and contemplating how much people make sense. I'm always the first to plan out schedules and make sure to jam as much as possible into a certain alotted amount of time. I just love the feeling of making a system out of things, and making sure it goes off without a hitch, sometimes at the expense of the sanity of the people around me.

The same thing goes with expressing myself around people. Oftentimes it's too awkward and I mull things over in my head too much when it comes to verbal speech, but I can really get into it online. But then again there are other times where that just makes me uncomfortable in general and I try to come up with practical solutions rather than what the other person wants to hear. In fact, that's me most of the time instead of just being "Aww, I'm sorry. You need help?"

So what would that be? I'm a male by the way.
it is very possible to be an INFJ with a well-developed T function (as myself)...

and it is very possible to be an INTJ with a well-developed F function...

everybody has all 16 types... its just a matter of most prominent or rather, a matter of most preference...

myself also has a love and passion for technology, music, the arts... and i actually work on computers, hardware and software, from basic electricity to complex network systems as a trade...

but for preference, my F shows itself quite a bit...

if i see something or someone does something to me, my initial reaction is more often than not an emotional reation...

before i knew myself though, i could work on a system... but also instantly go into blind fury mode quite easily... and holding grudges... lol...

but over the years, i have both exercised my T function and learned to control my F function...

(though, i have a conspiracy theory about how there are people assigned to press my buttons...)
Similar to what mjax said. You could just have very well developed F and T functions.

For me, My F and T are both very strong. Fi is just slightly stronger then Ti for me. However F is my driving force. It is all a matter of finding what function you are more confortable with.
Over the years is it possible for one to be born a certain way and develop into something else?

I don't think anybody is born a certain way from the beginning. But you develop your personality as you grow. The personality becomes more or less established after you mature or reach a certain age (for most people, it will be past adolescence). Then after that, I do think that the personality can deviate a bit depending on your life experiences, the environment and situation. For example, when the situation requires a person to use more of the T function, then you may find yourself becoming more of an INTJ instead of your normal INFJ. After the situation or "crisis" is over, then you may go back to your normal INFJ. Sometimes, certain life experiences may change a person's fundamental personality for better or for worse. For example, a person may find themselves less and less judgmental than before as they age and learn from certain life events.
I'm actually the other side of the argument; I've done a lot with looking into nature vs. nurture, and I believe that everyone is born with a preference, that will be your type for the rest of your life. HOWEVER, I do not believe that inhibits people; a person could become balanced enough in their functions that they could probably even pass as someone of another type fairly easily. It's just you have a certain way of thinking that is most natural, if that makes sense.

From your description, I'd guess you're naturally INFJ with a strong Ti. That's the boat I'm in; I love computers and tech and all those geeky things too ;)
But you don't have to be INTJ to love systems; in fact, INFJs are also system builders. We just tend to lean more towards building social systems instead of technical ones, but I don't think anyone's chained to those roles.

Though I'm not sure with what you said in the last paragraph. That's the part that makes me most shaky...I would try reading through several type descriptions, thoroughly, and deciding from the gut...INxJs tend to be good at that ;)