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INFJs and feelings of being alone, different, disconnected or lost

This is a Christian comment... Feel free to skip it.

OK, bear with me.... I am NOT trying to convert anyone. I just need to explain why I don't feel lost anymore. I asked God to help me understand Him and the impact that Christ could have on me personally. Then I started to pray regularly and read my bible. Sometimes it felt dry and boring, but then something happened... I started changing and overall my existance became more relevant to me. I have grown to know that God is alive and His Spirit exists to comfort and guide me in this life. My faith keeps me from feeling lost. It goes beyond just a belief. I am God's at the cellular level. It is very hard to explain, but when I am a little old lady in a nursing home, alone and frail... I know God and He knows me. I am never alone. Fergie
I was wondering if it's just me, but are most I's lonely type folk? I tend to isolate a whole lot (all curtains closed, NO depression) I have about.. 2 friends, oh and a cat! - But I can chat like this and appear extroverted, I get nervous around real/new people too, what's all that about? Pls tell me I'm not alone; though it wouldnt surprise me! hehe

I've been thinking of getting out to some... I dunno.. groups, maybe martial arts, or somewhere there's nice women I can oogle at LOL any suggestions? My end plan is to sell my sh*t and volunteer in nepal, but before I take that path, I wanna try one more time.. Being alone is no fun, it was never this way before, but I've settled in for the ride now..

You're not alone. I think most Introverts all feel lonesome to some degree.