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INFJ + INTJ = !?!??

I was in a short relationship with a woman who I *think* was an INTJ. She was definitely an INJ of sorts. It seemed to work out pretty well because she was 'deep' and very honest about herself. Her cold yet spontaneous exterior was offset by a very romantic and idealistic interior (about as romantic as mine was). I'm questioning her T though, because she loved Nickelback and we would make love to it and she would lay in my arms. She would complement me often and ask me when I appeared aloof she would often ask me what I was thinking. She would tell me of the deepest things that were in her soul, and I enjoyed listening.
I want that
INTJ + INFJ relationship

I am an INfj female and extremely attracted to INtj males.

We have been on and off dating since half a year ago and I almost am the one who initiates any date. He does show some hints that he likes me but after we seeing each other we can be out of contacts for some weeks..until I cannot bear that waiting and made a move to call for another meeting.

At this point I still do not know how he feels about me. He has almost no feeling shows on his face. Definitely I have a very strong feeling towards him but I know once I told him about it he would probably do not want to see me again. He once told me he is afraid of commitment/relationship and the uncertainty of the future with that person. I tried not to give him any pressure while we met and most of our conversations are very general and impersonal and he tends to avoid any conversations that has emotion attached to it.

I think that bugs Infj a very awful lot as they do feel deeply once they are sure that person is the one whom they are looking for and they do wanna that affections back from their partner. I really would like to make this as a relationship from a long term view.

Any insights about this matter would be greatly appreciated.
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Have to say my most satisfying relationship was with an INTJ girl. She was/is incredible, and it worked great between us. She was actually very assertive in terms of relationship dynamics and physically -- kind of surprised me on both fronts. Robot is definitely a misnomer.

Both tend to stick to their Way of doing Things, so probably they will decline to change or set back their Plans to take spontaneous Chances.

This was the problem though. We lived in different cities with different career paths and just couldn't get to common ground on who would live where and when. Going back and forth every two weeks/month got to be too much. :( It lasted two years though. If we had been in the same city it could have very easily led to marriage.

So, not going to be particularly insightful. Just saying I'm an INTJ fan. Get one if you can. They're awesome.