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INFJ Book Club - Week Four


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Jul 11, 2008
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WOW!! week four already!

This week we are reading chapters 17-21

There is a war brewing, an epic jouney coming, and uncertainty swarming.

My head is swimming with anticipation. Filled with ideas of whats gonna happen next...

What do you think of Thomas' standoffishness with the lords?

Do you think he should trust some one?

Do you think he will figure out some kind of inner power to save the people of the Land?
are we going to discuss this book or are we just keeping the scores in wich chapter everyone is? :D

well my thoughts untill chapter 16. I can't understand why he lies all the time. It disgusses me that I don't realise the massive consequences of not telling the whole truth to the counsol. It make me think he is not INFP after all. But then again, I can pretty much relate to him, even the fact that he is lying. I have found myself a lot of times in the position that I have to admit something (to my father) that I have done wrong and I expect him to be very angry with me. It is the same with Covenant, he also think they will be very angry with him and even more disgusted with him if he tells everything. He is afraid for rejection. But I (almost) always tells the truth even if I think I get punished for it and you know, most of the times it doesn't turn out as bad as I thought it would. I hope that Covenant will realise this too very soon!

For the other persones, I don't like them very much. I don't like the fact that they are so unfriendly with Covenant. After all, he didn't choose to be there. He is not the bad guy but they always tread him that way! Because of that I understand even more that he lies to them. I wouldn't trust them either if they treated me with so much distrust and despise...

I'm starting to believe (or hoping that it is this way :D) that he will find his inner power when he start trusting these people and lower his defenses
were supposed to be discussing teh book, but it seems a lot of us are busy...I am almost finished with this weeks reading...Im getting really pissed off at Covenants namby pamby im so picked on BS...I wanna kick him in his head...
I'm in chapter 17 I can't keep up.

I don't understand why he don't want to take out his boots. It must have something to do with not wanting to believe in that world, his last anchor to his real world? Now that I saw how much they are taking care of him with love and patience, I hope he will realise this very soon. But I think he will, I think this is what the book is all about: trust... don't you think?
I've been waiting for someone else to post, cause I don't want to dominate the conversation!

Thomas has a major problem with trust. But this is an understatement. I feel most of the creatures and the people in the book represent health and growth versus leprosy. He's being asked to choose which is his master, the thing that possesses him, or the thing that he has lost. It's tough.

I think the other people are afraid of him because they don't know which side he belongs to. I think Covenant doesn't know either, and this is why he is afraid to be honest.

I don't like him much either, and I get VERY frustrated that he only seems able to do the right thing for VERY brief amounts of time when he has bursts of insight. But then he loses touch with himself just as quickly.

Spoiler if you aren't up to 21 yet:
I was pleased when he came into realization about what he had done to Lena. But it took being confronted by the horses to force his realization. He hates those horses because he knows they can see right through him.

I agree Morgain, I hope he reaches his inner self and makes a choice. His 'just go along for the dream' attitude is stripping him of the humanity he doesn't know he still owns.

Enty, I just had a day dream about you coming up to him at a campfire and kicking him in the head while the Blood Guard just stand aside smirking. I feel the same way. I feel sorry for this world, they really got an SOB for an avatar.
I don't want to dominate either but I really like to discuss so...

I still on his side, I haven't given up on him yet. It seems like I'm searching for all the excuses I can find to give him the right to behave like this. I always do it with the underdog person :D

But we have to see it in this perspective too ... all fantasy books normaly have perfect heroes, maybe not perfect but they are always on the good side, they are guys we can love and support ... Covenant is not this and that is difficult but ... in fact he is more like us than we want to admit. Can you say you always do the right thing, do you always stand up for others? Honestly, if you where in his shoes, whould you act differently? Would you believe in that strange world and risk your life for people you don't even know are real? I'm afraid I would just be waiting to wake up again
Hey guys...Dominate away...If you finish first post your seems we have had a lot of member drop off the reading...I am still very into this book club idea and just finished this weeks reading.

I still want to kick Thomas in the head...HARD...actually I might want to beat him over the head with a blunt stick until he shows some kind of emotion...thus changing my idea of his type to a DEFINITE T type...perhaps even an ST type...Currently I am leaning towards ISTJ...

The man needs to get a grip, stop with the evading and deal with the here and now.

I wish the people of the land could see him...truly see him...get him...but he wont let anyone understand him...not even us as the reader...

True I was happy about him realizing what he had done to Lena...but I cannot forgive him for it...NEVER.

and I agree with ecton...the only ones who truly see him are afraid of him...I don't think it is detestation as covenant believes...It is fear...because He could be the end of the Land, or the savior and only he can decide...and right now...I think hes gonna kill everyone in the party.

I am angry that he keeps letting the giant be friends with him...consider him a friend...It fees dishonest. Perhaps Covenant is not really as bad as he is to himself...and all his arrogance and meanness is all self loathing, self destructive behavior...I can see that...but I want him for once to just be honest with himself, but more importantly with those who have put their faith in him...I still hate him.
I'm still at chapeter 16, I can't keep up :shocked:
You can do it!! Your so close...the next hundred pages or so go kinda fast!
OK...Im starting the thread for the final 70 or so pages...Were almost there!!