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INFJ and Extreme situations


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Mar 18, 2009
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Are you drawn to any extreme situations/behaviors as an INFJ? Even knowing that stress can cause us havoc we just somehow end up in a stressful relationship,work,events, etc?:m100:

I seem to always go for overloaded/stressful people,groups,activities and cause myself a lot of stress but I also enjoy the activities. I am part of a young ambitious dance company where we practice at least four times a week and always hard on the physical body and I especially get stressed before performances. I perform well, but consequences drain my body and I usually get weak immune system and get sick. As well as going for a degree that required nonstop studying and no life and sleep and I had to quit because I became a zombie. Any life experiences and how you handled it?:m119:
I am not drawn to them. Though, now and again, I find myself drifting to an extreme situation that would be taxing for me (but possibly fun). It is fleeting though.
It depends on how you define "causing stress." For me, I LOVE drama club, but because it takes so much time, I become stressed over my homework. So, I guess, for me at least, I won't actively seek out stress, but sometimes something will have a higher priority than stress-avoidance. (I often tell my parents, when they complain about drama taking to much time "Drama isn't taking away from my homework time, homework's taking away from my drama time!")