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INFJ 3 Fields of Interests Jobs Hobbies


Sep 18, 2009

I am currently working through the brilliant book called "What colour is your parachute" to find out what career I want to go into.

In the book there are many tasks. One is to outline the three fields of interests/hobbies/areas you would like to work in.

Mine are:
1 - My own creativity
2 - Personality typing and applications
3 - Holism

I wondered what other INFJs would pick as there top 3 and how these correlated to mine.

Thx for your help and I would be grateful for any and all responses.
I haven't read that book, but lots of people say it's good.

Anyway, not knowing the categories you are working from, here are 3 careers of choice for me:

1. Making garden gnomes
2. Songwriter/lyricist
3. Interior designer

I actually work in libraries and quite enjoy that, but it's not my calling exactly.
Hi Elf thx for being so helpful :)

No categories just whatever you like.

Thx again
As far as career paths that interest me...

- Naturopathy/Holistic Health
- Tree/Forest Pathology
- Massage Therapy
1. Music composition (the field I chose)
2. Astronomy
3. Psychology
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