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Improve Type Function?


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Apr 20, 2009
This might be an odd question, but is there a way to improve upon one's proficiency of MBTI preferences? For example, if one wanted to improve on extraverted thinking, are there any methods that can describe both the process and how to improve it?
There really isnt a "way" to improve ones' functions. They sort of develop through life experience.

Nevetheless, having hung out here for a while now, I have noticed that my Te, Fe, and Ti have become alot stronger. Proof being is I don't struggle nearly as hard as I did before when it came to comunicating my ideas and feelings to other people in a clear and concise way.

On here, I have been forced to explain and defend my feelings and positions on things so people could understand me better, it has alot got me thinking about things more. I have noticed that this has translated over into real life.

Keep in mind I came here in November, and it took until late april before I noticed a major difference. So it was a long time coming. Ironicly, coming here was just a random idea, I had no intention of developing myself all that much.
^^ I, too, have noticed subtle differences in myself and especially in the way I communicate. I've only been here since April, but it has had an effect on how I see things and express myself.. or perhaps I just notice myself doing it more. Almost like I am even more outside of the box, or I can just see clearer what I'm doing. (This might not make sense)

I also seem to imagine even more now in what way others are thinking..
Absolutely! These personality types fit you, not the other way around. You can certainly develop any cognitive functions you wish. It just takes time, effort, and practice. I've drastically developed my T and S functions over the years, and steadily improved my N and F functions. People grow, and in direct proportion to their efforts.

You can improve your N functions by playing games that involve pattern recognition, like Go, Sudoku, and Chess.

You can improve your Si by playing memory games, focusing on traditions, and playing music.

You can improve your Se by playing sports, boot camp, and doing art.

You can improve your T functions with logic games, tinkering, and exploring curiosity.

You can improve your F functions by focusing on your feelings, and caring about others, and how things should be.

You can improve your I functions by internalizing and forcing yourself to have alone time when doing these things.

You can improve your E functions by forcing yourself to take an active role in the world around you.

You can improve your J functions by putting yourself on schedules and deadlines.

You can improve your P functions by forcing yourself to stop and pay attention before you act.