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Nov 12, 2008
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This artist is just too amazing to not have a thread for her. iamamiwhoami is a recent viral video campaign for a mystery woman promoting her work. Every month for the last few months, a new video will surface, seeming to spell out some kind of cryptic message to who her true identity is and what she is about (it has been pretty decidedly proven that this woman is swedish artist Jonna Lee). The art style and music style is very similar to bands like The Knife, Fever Ray, Zeigeist, and there was long spectulation that one of these bands could be involved. Fans have been trying to decode all of the hidden messages within her videos and figure out the meaning, and there are even websites decidated to this now.

Besides all of this, the music and art style is extremely innovative and powerful. Electronic music at its peak. I don't think she needed to make a viral video campagin to promote herself, but hey I am not complaining, it makes it even more interesting if you ask me.

Here are all of the full videos/songs that have come out, in order of their release. It is suspected now that the word "bounty" is being spelled out (as such Y is thought to be the next video).


Strange? Yes. Confusing? You bet. Amazing? Without a doubt.
I fell in love after you posted "t" in one of the music threads. She's amazing!
''t'' is my favorite as well, I felt such a big connection to it. I felt the song through me, I also felt heavy Ni+Se, that's my interpretation.