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I haven't been feeling INFJish lately.


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Feb 27, 2009
Am I transforming into another type? Or am I just plain weird?
How are you feeling now? And how would describe "feeling INFJish"?
INFJ is not a definite personality type...The MBTI system is limited to 16 different choices which is preferences that can change; a human being personality is to diverse to narrow EXACTLY to each description, there you may have a little bit of every type, in fact, you may not fit into one type because of how limited the system really is. So really, the problem is not that you don't feel like an INFJ but that you think of INFJ as a definite answer, an absolute. Once you see that this system is only a tool limited to 16 different choices, you will realize being an INFJ is pretty much irrelevant. So feeling 'unINFJ' doesn't matter.
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