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I have learned ...


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Jun 3, 2008
that a broken heart is far from painful,
it is devastating

that pain remains, and the sobbing continues
long after the tears cease to fall

That life goes on without me,
should I choose not to participate

that faith brings me joy,
and with joy comes hope

that life is an adventure
to be embraced with courage

that I am never alone,
I am mother, daughter, sister, friend and teacher

that I am loved in spite of,
and often because of, who I am.

All of this I have learned and with it I look to the future and all the wonders in store for me!

I wrote this in 2005 after a very painful divorce and a very enlightening recovery from the pain.
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its encouraging... i like it.... t'j'aime, mon chere...
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That was wonderful. I commend your writing skills.

Do you publish?
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Beautiful, really.
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Wow CokeNut, that’s gorgeous.

Got any more?
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Thank you :D

I do not publish, but maybe someday - I've never really thought of it. I do have more, but not too many that I share; I get really emotional (there's a suprise!) when I write and so a lot of what I put on paper becomes really personal. I will try to find something else post worthy ;)

There is also the problem that a lot of what I write is in Spanish, like the one I put on the Spanish forum.
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Dear Lord, hear this prayer
The words of a lonesome heart

Dear Lord, head the cries
of a humble soul torn apart

What is it within me that I fail to understand?
Why is it that I fall, and yet I stand?

Am I cursed to be alone?
Or am I waiting to be born?

Please send me a sign, just lead the way
to a brighter future without pain and dismay!

I wrote this in 2004, two days after walking out on an eight year relationship that left me devastated. After a while and with the help of wonderful friends that never left my side and called me daily to make sure I was ok, I recovered and wrote the first piece I posted on this thread. I guess this is the prequel.
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:shock: :shock: :cool: :shock: :shock:

You have to submit that to a magazine, an editor, or something to that effect. HAVE TO.
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I got goosebumps. You are very gifted.
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Keep 'em coming...
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thanks! but in cruising (or trolling?) the board recently I came across works by others and they were way better than anything I can come up with, especially not on the spot, lol!

I think what is attractive to you is that when I do write I am usually in some sort of emotional frenzy and I write exactly what I am feeling and thinking, so its a more 'real' piece than something made up for the sake of writing. Usually these poems are part of my journal ... I can copy some journal entries that might make you tear up ... maybe I will start a faux-blog on this forum ... maybe not, ESTP rambilngs can be confusing and very scary ;)
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