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I have a question.... Is it possible to become dumb?

I'm sure they do, since it is a fictional spa, located on the island of Fiji, where you can have anything done to your skin you want, be fanned with palm fronds, and even have little flowers painted on your big toenails if you find that relaxing. The point is to relax!

I seriously doubt your skin looks terrible and worn, however. You probably only need to relax and get some sleep just as much as Soulseeker does!
I am not going to Fiji. It's quite dangerous there...
yeah, fail to exercise certain skills and you'll lose them. it could also be the result of natural neurological degeneration that occurs as you get older~ make sure you're getting enough B12, it's needed for the proper development of neural 'sheaths' :p
Make sure that you are getting you daily dose of omega three's, such as oily fish and flax seeds. These have been proven to help brain function, also foods that are high in proteins such as eggs etc.
As April also said, eat your vitamin B's, yeast extract is a vitamin B treasure trove.
Once you have reached your peak, it is a process of slowly reverting to the abilities of an infant: losing the ability to look after oneself, the ability to feed oneself, etc.
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Visit your local doctor, and other than that suggestion, ignore all other advice given on this thread. Also, I find the placing of this thread inappropriate.
Although the brain is about 8% of the body weight, it consumes 20% of the oxygen and about the same in glucose.

when I need to think hard, I have a soda and get into a good breathing rhythm. Then I set a block of time for no interruptions like 60-120mins.

If I get information overload, I draw mind maps.

For reading, the SQ5R method helps a lot.