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How would the world be different if the Axis had won WWII?


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May 11, 2008
Would we all be speaking German or Japanese right now? :mrgreen:
.......YIKES thats just too much for me to think about! ;)

After the war the Imperial province of Nu Girand had few resources, being so remote and of little strategic importance control of this province was relatively unimportant, European and Maori slaves constantly resisted their Japanese masters and guerrilla attacks on Japanese colonies were frequent. Rebellious slaves that escaped found safe haven in the dense forests and mountain areas. Emperor Tojo considered extermination of the impure slaves, but the land was fertile and slaves had been useful in food production for the empire.

The Japanese Empire required constant expansion and tension between Japan and the other great empire Germany grew as they looked on enviously at each others resources. Being very militaristic both empires possessed advanced weapons beyond imagining so the cold war continued. Slavery, ethnic extermination and rebellions were commonplace worldwide. Both empires were trying to maintain their tenuous hold on their territories while corruption and infighting grew rampant amongst each government. Yesterday a faulty military satellite scan indicated that super bomb warheads had been launched from Tokyo headed for the German cities of Berlin, London, Moscow and New York, in a panic the Germans launched a counter strike on Japanese cities this was immediately met by a real launch from the Japanese, the combined destruction from both launches wiped life off the face of the planet and sent earth into a nuclear winter that will last for millennia.

That was fun.
Europe would have an excellent system of zeppelin air travel, autobahns and cheap motorcars, Adolph would have had a great deal of power restricted from him when Germany found out about the death camps. Catholics would have regained some influence, as aided by their brother priests the Lutherans. Lutheranism would be the major religion on earth, aristocratic capitalists would have prevailed, the Jews would have been annihilated, the German Empire would have seperated itself into provinces that very very closely resembled culture states such as existed earlier under the name of Spanish, French, English and so on. "The German Gentleman" ideal would have surfaced and became the worldwide ideal rather than "The American Capitalist". Australia would probably have regained its sovereignty but at a greatly reduced status. Italy would have control over the Mediterranean, giving German merchant-shipmen the higher status. Germany would have taken English and Spanish possessions in the Caribbean and the USA would have been forced to operate under stricter international taxation. Brazil would probably be the same given its neutrality. Ireland would be left alone given it's strategic and economic unimportance.

People are People. In the end what would surface is something like what has always surfaced; General stability in order to profit through Economics. People won't put up with TOO much evil, eventually they'll move to overthrow an evil leader, perhaps after Adolph since he provided so much good to the general nation before the war, and had decent plans for after the war. It might not even take too many successors before things return to how things currently are, though with a healthier population worldwide, and much more prosperous one*.

The Middle East would be run under the Turkish Empire, and the Saudi ones... Turkey was a key ally to Germany during WW1 and they both had very very strong ties ever since Otto Von Bismark modernised their army and introduced the railway. Oil prices might still be high since oil is used for many things, but it's Americans who love to produce "Gas Guzzlers" and europeons are more prone to using efficient money makers such as solar power, remember that they'd own northern Africa, and all the deserts so they could afford to install the solar panelling for the many kilometres of solar farms.

I foresee the "Allies" as finally paying off their war-debts to Germany sometime in the middle of next century. Tit for Tat after all...

*I say that because to use a stereotype, both Germans and Japanese are Intelligent and Efficient businessmen who understand that poor people cannot buy their goods.
gokartride said:
Satya said:
Would we all be speaking German or Japanese right now? :mrgreen:
Many of us would not be speaking at all....I'd have been killed off long ago.
Some would argue that the environment wouldn't be in such a devastated state right now.
those who would argue that would be french, since their golden age was that period between 1940 - 1945
ShaiGar said:
those who would argue that would be french, since their golden age was that period between 1940 - 1945
Never go to France shai :mrgreen: