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How was your 4th?


Are you there?
Jun 30, 2009
Mine sucked.

A couple of girls that the group I hang out with all the time asked me and another dude to plan the stuff for last night. Then at the last minute they bailed on us, deciding to hang out with someone else who has a boat on the lake.

So we had tons of extra food, no one to eat it.

As if that wasn't enough, the people that did show up didn't want to grill at the apartment like we planned... they wanted to take it all down to the pool and ended up swimming and playing volleyball.

I spent the night babysitting the grill and watching the kids swim in the pool by myself. I should have brought my ipod.
Ugh! That's horrible! My party tanked, too.
The british don't celebrate America's independence day, Wyst.
Just another day for those of us not from the US.
The british don't celebrate America's independence day, Wyst.

Lol - I know one that does. But he has to.
He's married to my sister ;)
Fantastic! :)

My boyfriend and I made dinner together (something we've been wanting to do for a while but have never had the kitchen to ourselves to do it)...was BBQ pork, grilled veggies, and some kale followed by watermelon.

Then we kayaked out into the middle of a creek and sat on a shell bank away from all the boats and crowds of people to watch the fireworks show that was launching from a barge nearby. It took a while for them to get started, but the cool thing about our position was that we could see the 5 or so other fireworks displays in towns surrounding us. At some point, we had fireworks going off in every direction.

And the moon was bright, which was nice since we needed light to find our way back to the docks.
I don't celebrate commericial holidays.
^ that sounds awesome.
Every holiday in America is a commercial holiday excluding one.
My birthday.
It should be.
I didn't do squat for the 4th... although the neighbors impressed me when they had a full-blown fireworks show that last from 9 to 1 AM non-stop. They must've had a couple hundred fireworks at least... it was almost as good as the time we had a squirrel get caught in the power lines a few months back...
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My pyro uncle always does some insane firework nuttery each year. He's like a 12-year old on the 4th.