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How should you de-stress?


You Should Meditate

Part of what's stressing you out right now is not having any control over what's happening to you.
And while you can't control anything in your life, it may help you to learn how to stay tranquil.

Meditation will help you learn how to let go, push through barriers, and live in the moment.
It may be difficult at first, but if you stick with it, you'll find that meditation brings you some of the peace you're seeking.
You Should Play Some Music


Part of what's stressing you out is that you can't stop thinking about your problems. Whenever you try to relax, you can't stop your mind from racing.
The best thing you can do is crowd out your thoughts. And there's no easier way to do this than by cranking some music.

Dancing is optional but highly recommended. Give yourself a break from your stress and really let loose.
Or put on some of your old favorite music (happy music only though!). Sit back and remember what it was like not to be so overwhelmed.

How Should You De-stress?

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You Should Exercise

Part of what's stressing you out is the anger you feel toward others or the situation you're in.
You don't want to be stressed out, but factors out of your control are really messing with your mind.

You can work out some of those demons in a productive way through exercise. And it can be any exercise you choose.
Go for a walk or a run. Chill out with yoga. Really get out some aggression with boxing. In the end, you'll be glad you did it.

lmao I don't feel agressive, I'm just depressed and a loner lol
You Should Play Some Music
I already do this. It is my first impulse to calm me down. It doesn't really do much, but it just gives me some kind of piece of mind that I can't describe. It is more that I will feel worse without music.

I have discovered for myself that the most full-proof way for me to destress is by being physical. Skiing for a while will get me out of my head. I would venture to guess nearly any kind of physical activity (I am inclined to think mostly solitary things though), where I have to exaust myself physically, will do the trick. I know that this helps me, but it takes alot of effort to get me to do it. Nor can I seem to "Remember" that activity will make me feel better. I think this has to do with inferior Se, so this leads me to think that an INxJ will feel best by destressing by getting up and moving around alot, even though it is the last thing to think of.