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How has work affected your personality?


Sep 5, 2009
So, my question is, how has work, job, or career shaped your personality? For the better or the worse?

Not sure if there's a thread on this subject:

This question came about because I'm having a tough time with my career. Although I wouldn't regret it, because I've learned quite a bit about myself from it over the last few years, at the same time, it's shaped my personality in ways that are not so good, socially and psychologically.

So, how has work affected you?

(This question keeps in mind that many don't have the luxury of changing jobs because of finances, etc. whether or not they're happy. It's more about how jobs or professions can shape you as a person).
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I have been working under a verbally and mentally abusive manager for 3 years.

In a good way, the experience has increased my emotionally intelligence and resilience. I am not as fragile as before and is now emotionally a lot stronger.

In a bad way, the experience has decreased my self-confidence and affected my self-esteem, as well as adding bitterness and resentment to my personality.

Well, I am introvert, very high score. But, I am working in education, partialy as a teacher. Last few years I am sourounded mostly by talkative female E's. Now, after 5 years of my job I appera far more open and extroverted than before. Talking in front of big groups of kids is no longer stres. I adapted to sourounding:)
Work, overall has effected my personality for the better. It has gotten me over a lot of social barriers that I was once afraid to cross for a variety of reasons. Two summers ago I worked a very diffucalt job that because of the hours, and current circumstances with my life effected my personality durring that time in a highly negitive way. I became reclusive, depressed, and overly self-critical. Once I emerged from it, and went through a long healing process, the information I gathered from it changed me a lot for the better. Work has really just made me more responsible and tollerent of things. At times I loathe doing work, but in the end it is nearly always for the better.
First off, I want you to know that I am not trying to make anyone feel bad, I have been blessed with a wonderful job and wonderful people to work with. I consider this blessing having been greater than finding a "Soul mate."

My work has reformed my personality to a great extent. I believe anyone that I work with over 1 year realizes my warm and compassionate nature and may soften over time due to that. Our department is warm and loyal to each other, we have weathered the hardships in this company that tore other departments up in a matter of days.

I have the luxury of working with good people, a small group of 7. I seriously thought that I was set for life with this job because I enjoy who I work with and they enjoy me. I am upset now because I fear I am going to lose all of this with the merger that has been taking place.

I know that I will never find another group that will work together and compliment each other as well as the group I am in right now. I tell my manager this constantly. My previous manager has always been a good friend to me, we have our differences, and we have had our squabbles. My current manager, who was also a boss before to me and my old manager, and I get along very well.

It has not always been sunshine and lollipops, but we have worked through our issues. We remain dedicated to making life a little bit better for each other every day.

Your job has to be so stressful because just as soon as you start to feel comfortable with some of your students, they leave and you have to repeat the process ALL over again. I think this would probably drive me insane.



My work is my school, and quite frankly, I look a lot more like ENFJ than I ever did before.