How fast are you???

Heh, I already got 39 at the first Try and I didn't even play serious. I was being pretty sleepy and slow. You should improve your Highscore, otherwise I will getcha. =P
I keep scoring 34-36. It seems that's as fast as I can be, at least for now.

EDIT: I just got 37!
LOL I got 24. I don't seriously expect much improvement. My eye-to-hand coordination has always been poor.
lol everyone. 28 is really my best.. lol..
26 but then again I stopped to have a snack :m080:
I'll do this one when I get my own computer back...with my nice gaming mouse and whatnot.
between 34-37 everytime

Really nice with 44 marty :D

i'll try later when i'm not sick! :P
Hmm.... yep. my hands are as slow as my brain.
i wonder how fast i would be if i still used a mouse...
35 on first try. With the time I wasted, it might be possible to increase it up to 42ish, but that would require practice. Practice for something unproductive. I have better unproductive things to do.