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How do you exercise your 'J'? Is it possible?

Lune Froide

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Apr 20, 2009
I've made a significant break through regarding my type/MBTI recognition. So much that I just went 'aha!' out loud. I'm still learning so bear with me. I am grateful for any speedy responses in advance since I am eager as heck right now.

Anyway, I guess what info I'm wanting to collect is anything you guys know about the shuffle of your J/P and what elements necessarily effect it moving along that spectrum.

Any links to threads already touching on this or any new bits of information are appreciated.
I use judging for deciding all the different ways to go with just...everything. It runs parallel to my intuition. My percieving is okay, but it could be better.
Uh, J is not a function. It's a preference .
The functions are: Ni, Ne, Si, Se, Ti, Te, Fi, and Fe. As wolfe said, J is a prefrence. However, you can still express it.

I have a very strong J prefrence and as such it can be seen pretty easy. I need conformation, clarity, order, feedback, set details, laid out plans, things on time, uncertianty removed, opinions, set information, ect.
Hmm let's see... J means that your "judging function" (whichever function you use with T or F in it) is expressed extrovertedly. For INFJs, that's your Fe. So I guess strengthening your Fe would be like strengthening your J in a way. For strengthening your Fe, I guess you could try helping others more? As if you don't already try that enough if you're a stereotypical INFJ.
i agree with what Solstice said.

my J used be a lot stronger when i was younger. it has dissipated over the years, especially this past year. yet, in regards to certain aspects of my lfie, its priority hasn't quite faltered. for instance, in regards to having closure in relationships as well as the categorization of information into set principles (but even then i postpone doing so before i've gathered enough information, which never seems to be enough).

i do not plan or schedule my life at all nor do i follow standard measures of time very seriously. i'm not particularly orderly even though i believe i do follow some type of whimsical pattern from which i know where things are.

(sorry, some of what i wrote may be irrelevant to the judging function or incorrectly based on stereotypical J behaviour)