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Holiday Extrovertedness


Aug 16, 2008
Dunno if this title makes sense, but I just wanted to say hi to everyone since I have been MIA...
For this reason alone: too many people, too many gatherings, too draining!!! Do you ever feel like that around the holidays?????? Do some type of group function that last all day everyday for a week or so(with NO escape to recharge), then become extremely EXHAUSTED?!?

The holidays are always great, you know I love my family, but it wipes me out and suddenly I slack at everything else... This first week will be recuperation and then playing catch up...

Too many extroverts in my family...

I miss my INFJ friends! :)
Welcome back mexy. Oh man I sure do find it all exhausting, especially the work parties.
While this season is still fresh in my mind I'm writing myself a letter to be read next October reminding myself of the do's and do not's, what worked and what didn't. I'll be giving my future self encouragement and guidance through the letter.
Here's hoping I won't forget to read it!
Yes I understand. I always feel like I put on a external mask to deal with all the holiday get-togetherness. I always feel like I need to have major alone time after everything dies down.
Gah! See now this is something that makes me question my introversion. I'm happy to spend a whole bunch of time on my own, hell I could go months if it was a challenge, but social gatherings don't drain me, the only time I take issue with them is if I find them boring which usually happens if I don’t have good conversation and when that's the case I’d just rather be in my own company so I don’t have to bother with social niceties and inconsequential small talk. If I’m enjoying myself I’m often the last to leave. Gah!

mexymoo-moo! :D Welcome back!

Fortunately I only had a few crazy parties to endure so I don't feel so bad 'bout that. Other things have been draining my resources as of late, but it hasn't been the parties (fortunately!)
I can thoroughly enjoy a party and even be the life of one when the circumstances are right. It's afterwards that I feel the need to slowly release or unwind. When there's too many in a row though I find it brutal. That's the trouble with having a 'season' of togetherness where everyone crams in all their well wishes and get togethers all at the same time. I'd much rather spread it out a bit!
During the holidays, FC locks himself up in his house and refuses to come out. Too many rednecks coming out of the sticks.

That said,