Help me confirm my infj preference by interaction?


Hello, I was wondering if you fellow infjs could put to use your amazing Infj powers and help me confirm if I am a infj or a infp. I have made lots of reading in the web and thus came to the conclusion of my Ni/Fe preference, but im still not quite 100% so and figured the best way to find out was by interacting with other infjs. Thanx :)
Best bet is to do some tests and post your results for us to look at, in the meantime read some other threads to see what you relate to.

That said Ni/Fe is very un-INFP.
Oh btw :welcome:
HAHA! from that link I tested as an INTJ, I happens to me often by I dont really identify with that type like with the INFJ, Ive heard that this mistesting happens a lot, whadayathink?
If you read the INFJ description and best identify with that then you probably are, the tests give you a best fit suggestion and recommend you check other type descriptions if it doesn't fit. I've tested as every combination of Ixxx.

There's a bunch of tests in the Online Tests section, some are for fun and laughs but there are some MBTI type ones like this, this or this. Or a Cognitive Processes one.

Tests give suggestions and have a great many flaws but if you're not completely sure on INFJ check them out.