Google Earth makes me sad


Right the First Time!
It makes the Earth seem so... small. So much has been explored/photographed, it all becomes less mysterious and exotic. You used to have to read books or sail for months to find out about other parts of the world, now we can check out someone's backyard in Cornwall at the click of a mouse. I love the unknown, I want to explore, that's why I'm becoming more interested in space (the final frontier!) we don't know what's out there yet.
Sorry to hear about it. I mean I suppose that would be the need of an artisan huh? Adventure, and us lazy folk took it away by inventing satillites and computers and such.
I suppose there is plenty left to wonder, the ocean and remote jungles out there.
I see it kinda the other way around, sure you may have to make an effort to find somewhere that is relatively untouched but it's more accessible now. For me space and the ocean are the final frontiers but there is still so much to see here on dry land, it’s still mysterious and exotic for me. Google Earth excites me because I can see someone’s back yard in Istanbul or Lima than dream about how I’m going to get there. But than I'm a very visual person :noidea:
That's far too sensible point of view. :P
I suppose the way I reassure myself is the discovery we can still look forward to in the complexity of the earth and the life in/on it.