Give the Member Above you a Title

Detective Conan

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The purpose of this exercise is to give the poster above you a title of sorts ^.^ I got the idea from my senior year when I used to give myself a title on each of my assignments, and the behavior usually got teacher approval (I guess it was better than keeping a Death Note on hand...).

Try to keep the game in good spirit (as I'm sure most of you will) and have fun!

Examples of Titles to give: (___ indicates the user name)

Panty-thief ___
Supreme Badass Tyrant Overlord ___
___, the Impaler

And et cetera, et cetera...
Tremolo - Total Kickass Warrior Queen ;)
Restrained Res
Barnabas Defender of the Faith
Skathac - Knight Supreme of the Order of Charmers :D
Res - Queen of RESolve ;)
QP- Displaced Honorary Southerner
Skathac - founder of Kindness Unscathed.
Odyne, Mistress of the Dice
DC, the Truth and Nothing but the Truth.

Edit: I just noticed the initials come down to T.N.T lol the irony.

Edit 2: ahem, carry on. :P
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Detective, Detective Conan
Barnabas....King of the Vampires!
QuestingPoet, Beautiful and Dreamlike Omen of Misfortune

EDIT: DetectiveConan, Royal Ferret-Herder
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