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Freedom to Discriminate

Everyone has made some valid points here.

Maybe it would be a piece of middle ground to find instances where some type of limited discrimination would be allowable. For instance, in the hospital example someone threw into the ring. If there was only one hospital serving an area then discrimination should be illegal. But if you had a restaurant that didn't have the healthiest menu, and you wanted to discrriminate against obese people, but there was another similar restaurant down the street that didn't...then why couldn't the business owner make the choice not to serve obese people? Of course with people being lawsuit happy like they are, you have suits against McD's and other fast food giants because their food made them fat...and you have suits against tabacco companies for health problems related to their products....All of which also has a lot to do with personal choice. One chose to live unhealthily, one chose to light up. Now neither want to face the consequences and accept responsibility for their decisions...

But I digress...

The private school thing has been bandied about for as long as I can remember. If the school is going to accept government money in any way....then they shouldn't be able to discriminate. However, if the school is completely independently funded, and funded from sources that do not trace back to those they are discriminating against...then why shouldn't they be able to hire or teach whom they want based on whatever criteria they want.

Religious organizations discriminate based on faith all the time. And as long as they weren't recipents of any federal monies nothing could be done about it.

The Boy Scouts of America still discriminate based on sex, orientation, and religion!

You'd pretty much have to define where and when discrimination would be allowable and where it wouldn't. I think it's just easier and cheaper in the long run to make discrimination illegal across the board then to constantly revisit the issue in the courts and legislatures to uphold who, where, and how people are allowed to discriminate.

Of course, then some kind of full public disclosure should be mandatory so those of us who don't support discrimination would know at a glance whether or not we were supporting a business whose policies we don't agree with.

Yuck. This discrimination thing is way too complicated. I think I just blew my brain's motherboard....