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foie gras

Grey Wolf

Airborne all the way!
Jan 21, 2009
no idea
no idea if I should put this in the section, but

[ame=""]YouTube- The Foie Gras Assembly Line[/ame]

go see everyone.
Not gonna watch that video, as what FA said leaves me to believe that it is depressing.

However, I must do this:

Oh my, that was very brutal... but at the same time, not all that surprising. I hear those kind of stories (different animal, different company) often from my teachers, but I've never seen a video showing the acts.

Very eye-opening.
I'm with Indy. Not going to watch.

The sacrifices people make for art. If it doesn't taste good, I'm sure I'm going to beat the heck outta them. :|
Yeah, makes me feel kinda sick. The people more than anything. I really can't imagine that kind of ridiculous sadism
bleh. never eating that stuff ever again. never knew the way they made it was so distasteful bleh
Not watching it either, I know exactly what they do to make foie gras and I never eat it and never will.
I love it and will continue to buy it.
Wouldn't it be divine justice when you have a massive coronary from it down the road? Choking to death like a slob on the billions of moments of intense blinding pain that was inflicted on something innocent to feed your gluttonous lifestyle.
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