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Facial Expressions... of Functions?


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Mar 21, 2009
So i had a strange idea after reading through the INFJ Body Language thread: Does a person's facial expressions vary depending on which two functions s/he is more engaged in at that particular time? These two functions don't always have to be the dominant ones of his/her type even though they are more often than not.

It seems that INFJs often wear facial expressions that are radically displaced from how we are feeling inside (we somehow always look dispassionately angry) and yet our emotions/thoughts have a tendency to be written all over our face.
Could this be the Ni face looking through a veil of Fe?

Other times, we are often described as having a smouldering look, a concoction of kindness that simmers inside us, but cannot overlow.
Could this be the colours of the Fe air balloon tied to the strings of the Ni basket?

Ok, i just read what i wrote and it looks too speculative and general. Oh well if it doesn't hold, have fun speculating on the expressions of other types. :)
Interesting topic. I think our facial expressions sometimes easily reflect our feelings or at most our moods.
it is very interesting...I just think is my big superhero suite of "Get the Eff away from me" vibes but maybe it is deeper than that! :D
Sometimes, but i don't think we can be 'read' that easily because at times we experience a gamut of emotions/feelings our facial expression might just be one of concentration or blankness
I do feel that type does play a huge role in the type of facial expressions a person will use. As facial expressions are very hard to describe, this is also equally as diffucalt to describe. Nevertheless, I'm sure most of us can recognize patterns within the facial expressions someone gives off, and their subsequent type. Functions also equally tie into this, and there are relations/similaraties/patterns between similar functions.
I can be read very easily by those who know me...For instance...I cant lie...my facial expressions and voice inflection give it away every time! :m079:
My facial expressions don't always show how I'm feeling. Like I sometimes look angry when I am not, or sometimes when I'm thinking I'll look angry, even when I'm not thinking I sometimes frown or look angry
i always give the wrong impression

a lot of people i meet are very quick to assume