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Dreams About the Forum!

I had a wacky dream last night that I was kinda camping with forum folks on the Palisades over looking the Hudson river in North New Jersey. Everyone was sleeping in sleeping bags on wooden pallets. The pallets were gone so I smoothed the sand that filled a wooden claw footed tub and put my ground cloth and bag in there....but somebody had taken my therma rest.
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I don't remember the details but I dreamed I was sleeping in Niffer's blog. She came out from behind her teddy bear face and scolded me for being there.

Then I was carefully removing old glass lenses from pipes or tubes that came from an ancient city in Cambodia, they were very rare and I was helping Asarya.
This morning dreamed that one of the forumeers was down on her luck. She was working as a bartender and barely making enough to support her and her child(ren). She was living in a very tiny two story house made of adobe and while I wanted to help her it would be inappropriate. Her tiny house had an enclosed back yard and suddenly there were many people coming into it and then climbing stairs over the roof. I was in this line of people at the roof and some dude ahead of me pushed clothes that had been drying off the roof and onto the folks who were entering the courtyard. They looked up at me menacingly and I apologized. Then (surprisingly) they handed the clothes up the line and I put them back. The dude who had tried to cause a ruckus kept quiet.
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