Shai Gar

the game is, try to completely shut down your imagination while watching the video


edit: you have to add a video to watch as well
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Damn curiousity :doh:
Goddammit. Fuck you shai.:m080:
I didn't read the OP I just watched the video, hold on.

the awesome thing was it had paper to vomit on, but chose the floor :D

:( I lost

I don't get what we're supposed to be posting.
videos that fit the theme, but you've got to try and make the other persons imagination want to cut out its eyes
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This one made even me squirm.

I am acknowledging the existence of this thread, but damned if I have enough trust to watch any of the videos.

Fool me once...
Heh, I believe the title told you NOT to watch these videos. I'd take it on faith that if you didn't like the one about the horse fuckers, you're not going to like these... Except for the second one about the kittens. That was cute.

But thanks for reminding me this thread was here, I've got another one to add.

this one is funny


almost unconscious laughing

purely disgusting. no women or children should watch this
[my thoughts exactly.]

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lol Water Buffalo thong, hahah he bought a "fat thong"
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yeah i wouldnt really trust any video Shai Gar posted. lol.
the awesome thing was it had paper to vomit on, but chose the floor :D

:( I lost

Congrats Shai. You prolly found one of us weird swedes weird things on the internet.
That "background music" is a lame ass swedish christmas carol btw.
If you want I can try to translate it haha.

Goes something like "Now it's christmas again, now it's christmas again..."
btw if you have heard "karamell dansen" on the internet ... yeah it's a swedish song aswell (speed remixed).

just an example
I just posted that in SH's blog. Oldness.