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Jun 12, 2008
I saw a thread like this on another forum and it was fun, come up with a fictional character and describe them or describe a character that you have already invented in the past.
Yep anything.
I think I'm over qualified to participate in this exercise, as I'm a fiction writer and a lifelong enthusiast of table top character driven roleplaying games, and have created more characters than I could ever count as creating characters is for me like subconsciously doodling is for most people.

But if you want me to create a character... I'd be happy to over do it.
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Old Bill had been a part of the crew for three seasons now, he seldom spoke. To the rest of the crew there was a bit of mystery about old Bill. He was respected as a tireless worker, though most of us quickly grew tired of the sea Bill never did. Often times in the evening after his shift, as the suns last rays melted into the southern sea, Bill would be seen heading to the stern and leaning against the railing. He would look out across the ocean in silence, as though waiting for something, or someone, long lost to rise up over the horizon. Captain said Bill had no family back home though sometimes I've seen a ring sitting beside his bed in his cabin, looks like a wedding ring. Old Bill is not as old as his nick name suggests, but he has a wisdom and a weariness to him beyond his years, his face is wrinkled and worn like the pages of an often read book.

Sometimes he would join us late at night for a game of cards, his manner mostly grim and silent though every once and a while he would surprise as he would burst into a deep and hearty laugh at some joke or tale one of the boys had told.

Bill had grown fond of the Albatrosses. From the stern his eyes would dance as they dipped and swooped with uncanny grace atop the rage of the roaring forties that blew great sprays and swells against the ship's wake. Lately he had been trying to draw them closer with offerings of half eaten dry crackers, no one thought to tell him that the seabirds were probably just as unfond of those stale bricks as we were.
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I guess I'll go ahead and describe a character I've created for a new story I've started working on...

Sydney Burdon ... Sydney Burdon ... when one asks what's in a name, one wouldn't expect to find such a poetic irony than is present in her name. To her friends, she was a burden. To her family, she was a burden. To herself, she is a burden! Sydney, from birth, was always an odd child. She rarely spoke, speaking in only a few words at a time, and kept to herself mostly. Only a few people that approached her would stick around; for some reason beyond Sydney's knowledge, all the rest retreated with a new found hatred for the girl. No, no ... not hatred, I suppose, but rather fear masked with hatred. She keeps to a small group of friends, none of which fit into any specific clique.

For Sydney, however, her memories that returned in her dreams were always the biggest burden. The pre-school. The slumber-party. These memories and many others returned to her as nightmares. She feared being mentally ill many times because of her tendencies to black-out in conversation, her tendencies of hearing voices that no one else could, and her tendencies to draw picture after picture while sleeping. These things ... only served to be a small milestone of the things yet to come to Sydney Burdon.

Okay, I guess that was more of a teaser than anything... I really don't want to share much more about her at the moment, so that's all you'll get.
Talamund..... Talamund...... Talamund......
I can't remember the last time I heard someone other them myself say my name. Like everyone else in this program I've been reduced to a letter, "X" is far more familiar to me then the name my parents gave me.

Talamun..... Talamun.... Talamun...
I fear one of these days I'll forget my name and become just another letter. It's been almost seven years sense I arrived here and leaving is far from an option. How on earth would I escape from this place, were guarded 24/7/365.

Talamon? Talaman? Tala.....

How much longer till I'm just another letter?
I'm so gonna hate myself for this later but here is an old RPG character I had (three years old). First one is a naruto character in a alt universe. I never actually finished it so it's probably pretty bad

Character Name: Serge
Character Age:15. May 13, 131AK

Clan: Uchiha
Rank: Chunnin

Height: 6.2.
Weight: 230.

Blood Type: AB.
Marital Status: Single.

Strengths: Loner, very methodotical, knows how to interpret situations.
Weaknesses: Loner, usually expects the worse, and still has criminal instincts

Serge is 15 and has a very soft face but with a abrupt jaw jutting out. Serge has a very dark tan, but he somehow seems pale, and he has black hair. His eyes are dark brown and almost seems glassy, but blank at the same time. Serge wears a simple black shirt with dark brown pants but ove that he wears a dark black robe with swirls around the chest area and the thigh area but the cuffs of the robe are encrusted in gold. The pants of the robes set are rolled up several times so that the robes don't trip him. Serge wears wooden sandals that have small pieces of cloth over the stalks of the shoe so that they will be quieter when sneaking around. Serge also wears fencing gloves with metal plates, ensign with the symbol of Konoha, on the palm.

Serge is very stoic and usually does not talk to people unless he is talked to. If he does decide to talk to a person he will never yell and wait his turn to speak and even when it is he will direct his comment towards one person, not caring if another one else understands. Although Serge has supposedly been absloved of his criminal past, he still has instincts which usually tell him who's a good friend, who isn't, and when a situation seems set up or too easy. He also notices peculiar things easily while missing the obvious.

Serge was born into a normal household with two parents who were in the uchiha clan, not particularly high ranking members but important enough to get noticed for things they have done. Serge's parents were moderately strong clanmens who felt that the only reason they were still living was to make a strong child who would go on to represent the uchiha clan as well as his parents, no matter what the cost. The training started out at a normal pace for any child of age 6, just enough to excell at sports and games when playing against the normal kids but the training started to take a menancing turn.

His mother was in charge of his genjutsu, agility and ninjutsu training, which Serge could tell he wasn't going to be the best at from the very beginning but being from the uchiha clan made his parents felt the need to train him the most in those two subjects. If a uchiha can't sucessfully cast any ninjutsu or genjutsu, his parents felt that ninja would be useless and deserved to be killed. Agility was something Serge always had, which has helped him in many situations later in his life. His mother was very good at teaching genjutsu and ninjutsu because she had a abstract approach to using and detecting it, his mother had a lot of mental ticks but nothing as serious as his father's mental problems.

His father taught Taijutsu, Strength, Endurance, ingenuity, Willpower, and coordination. Serge was good at the pyhsical arts, such as Taijutsu, Strength, Endurance, and Coordination while having a better than average ingenuity. His willpower was particularly lacking since he felt that, at the time, genjutsus were not a legitmatent fighting method. He felt that a ninja who uses genjutsu is a ninja who can not fight, his parents disagree'd severly and focused on that for months and slowly he accepted that using genjutsu was useful. Now, at age 8, Serge started to notice that his father and his mother both seem to have some mental defects, his father seemed to suffer from severe episodes of Schizophrenia while his mother seemed to suffer from some type of depression. Aside from what his parents taught him he also learned how to use small swords and knifes and conceal them effectively.

When his parents weren't training him to become the best ninja he can be, his parents were part of the Konoha Police. Like in the clan, his parents were not high ranking members in the police department but they did get notice. Serge hated his parents for training him so hard, and the fact that their mental issues were starting to emerge in himself. He decided that the best way to oppose his parents he would become a rogue, a thief in the dark.

He started off stealing small things, making sure that he got caught every once in a while to make sure his parents knew what he was doing. He was surprisingly good at stealing thanks to his parents, he had the agility and the strength to steal stuff of varying worth. He continued to steal to increase his skills, defy his parents, and to explore the world. After training he would be gone for hours upon hours and would go farther out into unexplored caves and fields. His parents didn't even seem to mind, he had to take more drastic measures.

His thefts became more noted and the rumors were that a small guild of thieves had recently invaded konoha and that the police department were close behind the trail of the criminal. The new rumors didn't bother Serge because if anyone suspected him, his parents would completely crushed the idea or maybe even that person. The only thing that mattered to the thief at this time was to control his schizophrenia. His mothers abstract way of thinking helped him calm his thoughts.

At age 13, he just stopped coming home to be trained by his parents, he felt that he had exceeded their stated goals and most likely exceeded their very own skills. He lived by himself in abandoned houses or in other peoples houses when the tenants were gone. He enjoyed the company from other people from time to time but he was so scared that he might start hearing things or saying things that he usually did not interact with other people. Combine this with his mother's depression, he soon started to mentally collapse.

Days felt like weeks, weeks felt like months, but ever so slowly his mental stability came back and his schizophrenia was tamed, but it was still there. He continued to live this way but he felt that ever since his breakdown someone was following him. If anyone was following him, it was most likely his parents.

Something happened within the next few weeks (which will be unveiled in rp) but on one of his trips out of town he might a lone ninja named Ikimyou Kazuma from Yama he agree'd to teach him the style of Kanbal.
And here's another character I made for the same roleplay site, three years old as well

Character Name:
Kyoujin Iwanaka (Assassin's dagger among the rocks)

Character Age:





Iwanaka is around the age of 15 and has a very soft face but with a abrupt jaw jutting out. Iwanaka has a very dark tan, but he somehow looks pale, and he has white hair, a genetic trait, which he combs back, leaving small bangs hanging out in front of his eyes which are often swept to the left of his forehead. His eyes are dark brown and almost seems glassy, but blank at the same time but his lower eye lid seems to be dark as if he was wearing make up. Normally Iwanaka wears a simple but lose red robe with swirls around the chest area and the thigh area but the cuffs of the robe are encrusted in gold. The pants of the robes set are rolled up several times so that the robes don't trip him. Iwanaka wears wooden sandals that have small pieces of cloth over the stalks of the shoe so that they will be quieter when sneaking around. Iwanaka also wears fencing gloves with metal plates, ensign with the symbol of Iwa, on the palm.

likeness of character

Iwanaka is a person who believes in what he does and does what he believes. He is the type of person that really thinks the end justify the means no matter how horrific the deed. He would like to be a good person but he knows that if he has a choice between either the good thing or the thing that would help him out, he would pick the thing that helps him out the most. The boy is realistic and highly despises people who think the world is kind to everyone. Iwanaka is very manipulative so he could be talking to one person and being his friend and going out of his way to help him then ask for one favor and after that favor is done, totally disregard that person. Although he doesn't like to admit it, he is very easily persuaded. If you pitch a few good lines at Iwanaka and he might just join on the spot, although chances are he would regret it later. Being smart, fast thinking, and manipulative, Iwanaka is an asset for any nation.

Fighting style/specialty:
Iwanaka relies on three things in battle, Speed, Tools, and Ninjutsu. Iwanka believes that if you can attack your opponent first and at any distance, you will win eventually no matter how strong the enemy is or how weak your punches and kicks are in the terms of power As such he also has high stamina, reasonable taijutsu skill, can complete seals quickly but has low strength.

Kyoujinn Iwanaka was born to two people, a male and a female, like all other children are but unlike most children his parents disowned him on the spot and gave him to his grandparents who were established assassins and need not prove themselves to anyone at such a old age. The boy grew up quickly, often learning and understanding adult themes and subjects which killed his ignorance that most people called childhood.

At age 10 he started going to school and showing a very keen interest in weapons and stealth which at his age, where hand to hand brutality ran rampant, put him off as a slight out cast in the academy. Iwanaka was more skilled in the arts of Ninjutsu, Tools, Speed, and seals with Taijutsu, Stamina, and Chakra Control following moderately behind. Power is low compared to other stats and Genjutsu is barely even used. Although Iwanaka doesn't have a lot of power, he often hits more and dodges more attacks than his opponents which often leads him to the win. Since his win to lose ratio was nearly absolute , the kids hated and shunned him. It didn't matter to the ten year old, he had friends else where and it was fun hearing people shifting and whispering into another person's ear about how stupid he is or how weak he is.

At age 11 Iwanaka learned why his last name, Kyoujinn, was a name that was revered and feared around the people of Iwa. He also learned why his parents might have left him with his grand parents. The Kyoujinn were a group of assassins but any ninja could do that as well right? Wrong. The Kyoujinn had special techniques that aren't thought outside the clan and if they were, that person would feel the wrath of his own clan. The most common technique, and that which made the clan the first specialized on assassination in Iwa, is the Assassin's Dagger which isn't seen by anyone less of having Byakugan eyes, the blade is formed around the wrist and a small blade juts out, like a Katar. His body is very lean and all his actions done with such a dismal amount of chakra it produced no effort and causes no exhausting, no matter what he was doing.

The clan, however, had a win or go home mentality, if you did not succeed in killing the mark you are given you are shamed and until you kill that mark you are to be treated as a child unless some circumstance intervened. upon failing two marks in a row, despite going after the mark again, you are consider an outcast of the clan and no matter what you do, your clan members will not talk with you, however this does not extend to children. In rare cases, such as Iwanaka or so he thinks, the child is left with the immediate family and the parents go away to never be seen again.

Iwanaka doesn't like to think about his parents and his training did not permit him to think about it either. His grandparents took him out of the academy because it was making him "soft" and he was making unnecessary attachments to other people and he could use that time to train.Iwanaka's grandparents are old school and think that the more friends you have, the less of a ninja you are but Iwanaka himself does not believe this himself.

The training was restless but it did not cause Iwanaka any shame, if anything is bolstered his ego. Although he was stronger than most genin, which he would have been if his grandparents didn't take him out of the academy, he was not strong at improvising. His grand parents taught him how things should go under the best conditions, not having the table turned on him.

At 13 he was granted permission to go and battle other clansmen which was there way of seeing how much the child has progressed. Iwanaka was commented as being one of the best pupils they have ever had but that could have just been an attempt of keeping his spirits high so that he would continue learning. The older members taught him something his grand parents couldn't because of there old age and old ways, strategy. Fellow clan members taught him how to plan out the battle before it happened, how to lure your opponent into his own defeat. How to use your terrain to lose your opponent and make him lose his sense of direction, how big and flashy jutsus may look nice and seem powerful but take more chakra than using the little simple jutsus you learn in the academy, how to exert minimum energy for maximum outcome, and how to kill.

At 14 Iwanaka went back to the academy and unsurprisingly passed in a year, but he did learn about a few things in classes like elemental affinities, which he did not learn much about because Kyoujinn is an element less clan. At age 15, Iwanaka became a genin and a accepted ninja in Iwa. At this time, his grand father passed on and his grandmother kicked him out stating that "Now that your a ninja, I am a unneeded relationship"
...I'm utterly embarrassed that I'm posting this