Conjunction of Venus, Jupiter, & Moon this Weekend. | INFJ Forum

Conjunction of Venus, Jupiter, & Moon this Weekend.

Well, it's cloudy--- pouring rain/show, I certainly won't be seeing any conjunctions tonight.
Saw it through a haze of sorts, then partially later in the clear. Will be looking tomorrow and for many more nights.
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A mediocre attempt at a photo...not my favorite, but one of the only ones that sort of shows that the moon was a crescent. I didn't get the camera set up fast enough to catch mercury before it was out of sight. Might try again tomorrow night...
Yes! I saw it earlier just as I was riding home from Church! so THAT is what i saw : )
Tonight was colder and windier. Just barely caught Mercury before it dropped out of sight and didn't have enough time to mess with camera settings much.
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Way to go, [MENTION=5145]AKM[/MENTION].
The planets are bright tonight.
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Clear view of the planets this early PM were a bit higher in the sky.
It actually appears the planets look more closely aligned, or is that just my imagination?