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Jun 8, 2012 at 11:43 PM
Apr 4, 2011
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Nada :) :)

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Jun 8, 2012
    1. Skarekrow
      I finally got your post....okay...there are some new songs for you in the forum....lol.
    2. 5r6jhd
      hope you're doing ok. haven't seen you around for a while!
    3. endersgone
      Hope you're doing well : )
    4. endersgone
      Thank you, I noticed you've been a bit busy lately - hope you find time tomorrow : )

      Quite an incredible set up he has there (very green and vibrant) - and nice music :smile:
    5. endersgone
      Hope you enjoy it : )

      I still talk about it from time to time, the prisoner's dilemma is such an interesting psychological question.
    6. endersgone
      Only movie I've watched since detective dee has been the newer Liam Neeson film - The Gray. I thought it was a decent "thriller" sort of movie... If I were to recommend a movie it would probably be "Return to Paradise".
    7. endersgone
      No I find it humbling as well : )
      I get a similar feeling being out at night under the stars, that's why I'm always taking walks at night.

      Yeah, I usually prefer 60-65 F, around here it's usually 70-75 in spring... but I suppose I can't do anything about that : P
    8. endersgone
      Doing fairly better today, it was an awesome song and a "hella-weird-crazy tripping-on-acid video".
    9. barbad0s
      :) being around strangeness will make you strange too eventually
      Good luck, anyway.
    10. 5r6jhd
      Whats the latest with the psychos? I've just been taking care of my daughter who was vomitting all morning.
    11. endersgone
      I used to use that vix when I was younger... I grew some sort of revulsion to the smell of it over time, lol. Yeah, I hear you on the hot water/steam - I plan to do that, thanks : )
    12. 5r6jhd
      Oh dear, wait, so what happened with your friends fiance? I am still a little unclear! And thank you :) I really like clothes, I think its a fun way to express your personality. You can't tell from the latest pic, but the off shoulder sweater has a giant grey skull on it. Yeah I think Argyle sweaters look really nice on guys!
    13. 5r6jhd
      You have very pretty eyes :-)
    14. hush
      How was the tip of the stem of the coleus cutting? Was it a clean cut, had it started sealing off at all before you put it in water? I'm glad to hear it's started to rehydrate. :)

      I don't have as much space as I used to, nor a plot for my plants (nor time), but I still have a few. Right now, besides my coleus, I have a wandering jew (specifically a Tradescantia zebrina), pothos, schefflera, Syngonium podophyllum, lipstick twister (Aeschynanthus radicans), spider plant, jade plant, aloe, kangaroo paw fern, and a years-old poinsettia that looks like a bush at this point.

      I also have some basil, thyme, lavender, and tomatoes (Green Zebra tomatoes, I'm wondering how they'll do...) that I've started in pots. I might keep the basil inside, but I'll watch for how it grows with the amount of sunlight it can get in here. I miss having more plants, but oh well. :/ What else do you have growing? (:

      I LOVE jade plants, this 27 yo specimen is just amazing:

    15. endersgone
      I imagine he was okay though right? Heh, I've been shot by one of those things more times then I can count...
    16. endersgone
      Thanks, I did a little "reconstruction" on it : )

      I tend to avoid those types altogether, I suppose I become isolated at times because of it. If they can't be avoided I'm usually cautious around them, I let them have what they wish... and while appease them I construct a plan to keep me and/or my loved ones safe from harm - which usually just means cutting the harmful person/s out of my life (if necessary). I don't usually make room for such types though, so the latter rarely concerns me.
    17. endersgone
      You live a strange and exciting life, hope things turn around... seem like a pretty bad situation. Stay safe.
    18. endersgone
      I meant the movie, but yes the song is what piqued my interest.

      Sorry to hear it, are you sure they're not just unhappy in general? Maybe there's some shared traits... cruelty or otherwise that make them compatible :noidea:
    19. paradanmellow
      haha thanks! I thought so myself; it was pretty dramatic and tragicomic :)
    20. Blackmountainside
      thanks for posting video. another good one: hans zimmer 'time'. from film - inception. i have not seen the film, yet. i love the way music can make you feel - the way it fits so well, like nothing else. regarding forum, i don't mind reading people's stories and difficulties. but i do feel awful for some people. and sometimes amazed how people can openly and candidly talk about some things. perhaps, that’s what some people need...
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