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"Christian the Lion Reunion" (Youtube video)


Sep 5, 2009
What do you think of this story, beyond how remarkable or touching it seems to be?

What do you think of the owners Ace Berg and John Rendall's, etc.?

What meaning, lessons, etc. can be intuited from this story, and the whole experience?

What are the large implications of such a simple and seemingly poignant narrative about the wildlife/humanity relationship?

Disclaimer: The following clip is a romanticized presentation of the story. I watched the full story on the Discovery Channel a few months back, and it really is interesting, and far more complicated than these images put to music would suggest.

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I can only think of two words: Siegfried and Roy.

Doesn't matter if you raise them from babies. They're wild animals. Cute, sure, but they can still maul your face off while "playing."
I think that it shows that animals have a capacity for emotion

And that some people are really really stupid.