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We simply are not told these things, we don't know how it works. However, I believe that taking care of our bodies has to do with respect. Would you vandalize a house of God? (Just pretend you're religious, okay.) No, since our bodies are temples, we should not vandalize them but take care of them.

What I don't understand is why the body retains that "temple" status when the life is gone. Isn't the preservation of your temple (which can be saved from starvation) more important than that of a "temple" that is empty?
What I don't understand is why the body retains that "temple" status when the life is gone. Isn't the preservation of your temple (which can be saved from starvation) more important than that of a "temple" that is empty?

That's a good question. In fact, I just called my bishop to get information on that matter. He said that he believes that the body is not as holy when the soul is not intact. A temple is only a temple when the Spirit of God is there, when it's dedicated. So, it makes sense that a body is no longer a temple when it has no soul. If that's truly the case, I do not have issues when cannibalism. If I was ready to die, though, I would just die. I'm not a fan of the world, I figure Heaven is a much better place.

The purpose of a body is to hold the soul to do mortal things. The body is not fulfilling its purpose when there is no soul intact so I can say that it's probably less significant. However, anything created by God, in my opinion, is holy and should be treated with respect. But eating flesh isn't necessarily disrespectful.
I can think of kuru which would be a bad diease to get, but what other diseases are there? What if the meat is well cooked?

I think there is a great amount of taboo surrounding cannibalism, but what if it is a part of one's society or religion?
I've tried this before.
I was thinking more along the lines of exocannibalism. Tribes go out and fight against outsiders (or other tribes) and consume them. The Aztecs used to do that kind of thing, and highly valued the heart of sacrifices.

Homicidal cannibalism has also happened in the not too recent past. Pygmies (sorry, I can't think of another word. I don't mean it in any pejorative sense) were hunted by both sides because they were considered subhuman (see the Second Congo War). I don't think that homicidal cannibalism is justifiable under any circumstances; the reasons given cannot be justified.
I wouldn't eat someone else I absolutely had to. Look at it this way folks, if you were trapped somewhere with someone who died and you had to choose between eating them and starving to death, your starving mind isn't going to be quite as apt to consider moral and philosophical issues. Of course we wouldn't want to eat a body when we have the luxury of thought, of sitting back and considering the hypothetical, because our society condemns that sort of thing. However, morals, hypothetical scenarios, religious views go bye-bye when survival is at stake unless the person is really hellbent on following what they "believe" in.

Remember, starvation is a form of torture, one of the worst forms probably given all the horrible things that happen to your mind and body. We're talking being so anxious that you might literally chew your own fingers off, having schizophrenic psychotic hallucinations, having so little energy your brain does not work . How long could you hold out against that torture before giving in? I think most people would give in eventually if not quickly. Most people would do anything, including eating dirt, why not a human body? After awhile, that body will start to look very tasty.
eases the population and it reduces the population of ignorant/illiterate/morons
I don't have any moral opposition to cannabalism.
I do believe in private property, and that ones body is ones own property, so if somebody has willed their body to be buried or cremated, then obviously that shouldn't be tampered with.
Other than that, though, I don't really see anything wrong with eating human meat.
Assuming the proper consent was given by all involved parties, I would at least try human meat. Why not?
It's probably a bit on the gamey side, though.
Maybe it would be good for sausage.
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This thread reminds me of that Tom Petty music video for the song Don't come around here no more.
Surely I would not eat a temple; I would not eat any part of it... Nope, not even a little finger. In my religion, we consider bodies to be temples which is why we are not permitted to get tattoos, drink (unhealthy), et cetera.

What if the person did have tattoos, had drunk (unhealthy), et cetera?

In a normal situation... the thought would never, has never and will never enter my mind...

In a survival situation.... I would start with the brain because it contains most nutrients but also goes the quickest. I would have to hang the liver and the heart because they spoil if left in the body. I would discard all other organs. I would butcher the limbs first and dry cook them to last a long time, then I would prepare the tender meet from the back, probably fry with herbs and some salt over some olive oil.
With fava beans and a nice Chianti? There's an oral sex joke lurking somewhere in this thread, but I'm not clever enough to find it. Once a nurse I knew said that once a really bad burn victim came in and it smell JUST LIKE delicious barbecue. So much so that her stomach growled before she knew where the smell was coming from. and she hasn't been able to eat barbecue since.

Topic: In a survival situation, I'd be down with the long pig.BecauseI'm all about survival. I'd start with the thighs and buttocks just because of the muscle/fat ratio. Brains seem mushy and not tasty. I really wouldn't want any organ meat in general. Just from a texture/taste standpoint. Ribs might be alright. I'd rather eat a vegan because I think they'd be less gamey tasting. Maybe a really obnoxious vegan because it would be kind of ironic and hilarious to me. Ha.