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black parents have white kid

Awww shes evolving!
Very interesting. I've seen a lot of this kind of thing in my family, since my dad and his biological siblings are half black, and they all had families with people who are white. There's a lot of variation. While I have paler skin than even my mom, I still have dark, very curly hair. All my other features are pretty much perfectly averaged between both parents. My siblings all have darker skin than me, and all different kinds of hair. My other mixed cousins are all different, too. Some are very pale, where others are very dark. Every time a new baby comes, nobody can really have any subconscious expectations.

The best thing about it is that we all formed identities not based on race, but on ourselves and our family identity as a whole.

I'm also really interested in what my generation's kids will enherit. There are so many recessive genes floating around in my DNA, I'm willing to expect almost anything.