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Big Ideas?


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Sep 13, 2009
Recently I've been noticing about myself, and my other INFJ friend agrees....

When you get an idea, particularly a creative idea (like for a n art project or something), does it tend to be a "large" idea, requiring lots of time and effort?

That question doesn't make a lot of sense...let me give you an example.

I'm taking an advanced photography class. For our last project, we were to make a collage expressing movement through space and time. I ended up with this:

which is about 72 photos suspended from a painted branch at various heights and angles. It took FOREVER. Nobody else's was near as involved. Similarly, for this project, I'm doing four LARGE (12x16-ish) darkroom prints on watercolor paper, cardboard, and's taken several hours so far and I have several more to go. Everyone else's is like "oh here. have these two small prints of random pictures I took."

Is this a me thing? Or is this an INFJ thing?

(I also tend to leave things halfway finished, but that's an ADHD thing, heh)
That project looks amazing. Very cool. :)

I can sort of relate, my ideas are big but if I don't particularly feel that interested in the subject, I usually narrow it down, taking into consideration the time and effort and the most efficient way to accomplish the project. However, when I get really excited and immerse fully to the project, I fine-tune every little detail and it usually takes a long time and a lot of effort. I get very perfectionistic about my "pet" :D
Yeah my whole art in college experience was like this :md: No matter how many times someone told me, I never could finish the project.. it was..too .big!

But I'd say I place more value on ideas than the end piece
My ideas are always refined and complete

My favourite projects were the ones based on ideas.. They were just series of experiments and testing with research and history --instead of projects where I had to do one complete piece
I'm the same way! I turn household objects into functional art all the time just because I can. :)
Yes, it's like "go big, or go home" sort of mindset.