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Best Personality quiz ever.


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Feb 7, 2009
The best self assessment is your own self assessment. Alright i'll admit I just wanna talk about myself.

Once shy once outgoing your relationship with people is complicated. You have intense anxiety over meeting new people yet you are an extrovert by nature. Because of this you try to control the environment in which you interact. You make sure that you hang you with a group that is under five and in an environment that makes you feel comfortable. Your comfort zone can border irrational. And you don't get what you want by doing this.

You are very, very, very, very, very, creative. In fact you think it is your greatest mental asset. Ideas come to you like tape at a ticker parade. Some of them are truly brilliant some of them are hopeless wrong headed. It is safe to say that the pursuit if these ideas is your greatest passion.

You are very curious about the way things work. Unfortunately this side of you has been repressed for what ever reason. When this tendency is active you learn things in very thorough detail. You don't just want to know how things work you want to why things work. It makes learning slower but more effective.

You are a good conversationalist and have the capacity to be very witty and charming.

You are very lazy but have come a long way as far as eliminateing that problem, you only have a little more to go. You should be proud.

You like variety and want a certain wildness about your existence, you are certainly an adventurer at heart.

You try to be nice and helpful to others but it doesn't come naturally to you. It's driving force is that you recognize the sameness of human existence.

You feel victimized and abused you have a hard time taking critisism. You have a tendency to be rude and behave innapropriatley both inentionally and uninentionally. You sometimes go out of your way to make others uncomfortable.

You are a horrible mooch. Your friends are all mildly annoyed by this and wish you would stop.

Meh I could go on but I am lazy. Hmmmm
Leave it to Satan to be a trickster.

OOOh I'll describe myself in five adjectives instead. I doubt it'll be accurate.

Vaguely Intelligent

Well that doesn't feel right at all.There must be more to me than that. ::looks deep within her soul::

Heh, guess not. I'm not very complex, am I?
Fine. I'll tell what any test never will.

Merry jangly catalyst peace-maker and keeper
Morbidly idealistic
Spastically realistic
"Too cool to be too cool to care"
Master improvisor
Wandering philosophizing clumsy detective.
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In words of may friend:
"very very complicated, but good"
"little bit strange:)"
Satan isn't a trickster, he just doesn't understand or care about the filthy mud people.

::cries:: I think you're on a secret campaign to drive me mad, Shai Gar. It's not going to work though. I'm strong like bull. That was disturbing.
You're a QUINLAN!

You make up a whopping 0.00000001% percent of the population. You're probably the best kind of person there is, well you would like to think you are and sometimes you'd even believe it. You love solitude, nothing beats being out in the forest digging up tree roots and hunting small rodents, yet you also love being around people, this paradoxical nature often leads you to be hit by cars on lonely country roads. Some people probably take your easygoing nature for weakness and passivity, little do they know that you could probably tear their limbs off on a whim, though most of your brutality is entirely unintentional. You are very quiet by nature and people often misunderstand your grunts and growls as stupidity, but you do have some wits in the areas that matter to you. You can be very secretive and mysterious, you also like the freedom to come and go at your own will, cage a Quinlan at your own risk! Ultimately you think life is meant to be enjoyed and your jolly bellows can be heard echoing around the most beautiful places in nature.
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Sounds about right.