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Articulating my thought processes


The Romantic Scientist
Feb 8, 2009
Ok, so I've noticed that I have a really hard time articulating what I have in my mind. I have many wonderful ideas but when it comes to actually explaining them to people or to myself out loud it's a cause of confusion to the public. I don't know if it's my lack of attention to details or is it just that I'm plain stupid but I've noticed that everytime I talk with people they look at me as if I was talking to them in Ginbu(made up language).English is my second language but even when I talk in Spanish I have the same problems. The fact is that I know what I mean when I say things but apparently lots of people out there think that I've gone nuts.

All I'm asking is that how am I suppose to share my ideas to the world if no one seems to understand them?
Welcome to the wonderful world that is known as Ni! By it's very nature, it is hard to be verbalized. Once someone developed either there Fe or Te, it becomes a lot more clear to everyone else.
After getting fairly good with Ti and Fe, I've been able to vocalize a good amount of thought processes....but fact of the matter is, it's kind of in the INFJ nature to have a lot of good ideas, but be really bad at expressing them. It takes learning to figure out how to get better....I still suck :/
It's funny because when I get into debates I know the exact words I can say and I imagine how they are going to respond but when I actually get into action and stand up on the podium and talk I end up saying things that contradicted what I actually felt saying. Then after that I rehearse the speech and just say to myself "well, that was stupid" :m041:
I am the same way. On the very very rare occasion I am able to express myself it's like pure bliss.
i can and do express myself easier as life goes on (in the sense that it makes sense to me when worded)...but i think the problem lies in whether or not it can be communicated to the other person the way i intend.

on the occasion that communication of my deepest thoughts are reciprocated and recognized, like Ketsugi said, it is pure bliss.

sometimes these occasions just require more effort on my part to explain properly and other times there exists a effortless flow of understanding (if not for only a moment with someone who normally wouldn't get it or when i meet someone new who readily catches on).
Yes, I do think it also depends on whether the person you're communicating with can understand. Sometimes, even if you are quite plain, some people won't get what you are trying to say. INFJs tend to think in a very abstract way.