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Aphantasia, Internal Monologue, and you!

Number 1, can do lot with this when so much else falls short in the eyes of others. Want a more intense one is imagine one of the towers on 9/11 with the view facing up as the collapse begins seeing all the metal and other debris move about on the way down while the point of view moves at pace down. A fun one would be to imagine if you got wings, yes feel them, then feel the air both its coolness as well the warmth of the thermals, feel the inertia, see the world below, and then swoop towards some nice meadow.
1-2 depending.
My internal monologue comes and goes I think. It gets louder when I'm stressed. I always have some kind of internal voice but usually it's just one of curiosity and processing.
1, but it is green, my lips are parted, and I can taste the sour notes on my tongue, like sweet granules of sand dissolving, juicy ripe and fragrant.
If asked to picture an apple, which of these is in your head?
Depends, because it's not very much in my conscious control - it could be 1 sometimes, but then I am zoomed in onto just a part of the apple, and am swept around it. It might be a dim image rather than clear one, and maybe then I go to 5. But when I try hard, I might get only 5, or I might be sitting alongside the driver of a train, watching the track sail by in a rich landscape. Or I might get something like this:


Follow up question, do you have an internal monologue?
Yes - it drives me mad sometimes when it won't shut up!. Occasionally it's more like an inner dialogue. It usually comes from Ti and it's how I translate the seeing and knowing part of my mind into humanspeak.
Usually 1 sometimes 2 if I'm distracted. I can vividly imagine scenes and situations when someone is talking to me or if I'm listening to a news story. In terrible graphic detail. Sometimes images in my mind can be intrusive. So I avoid a lot of nightly news. I can conjure up the experience of smelling and tasting things.. based on memory. Sometimes play songs in my head from memory.

I talk to myself a lot in my head. There's an inner dialogue. Or I rehearse conversations I'm preparing to have. Sometimes I have arguments and talk to a higher power in my head lol. I think it helps me to process things.
And I actually do hear myself internally. The tones and intonations and everything.

I can't help it but often I narrative what's going on around me in my head. Sometimes I will write that down.
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Apple one.
I have an internal monologue. It's only seldom words.
Most of the time images, memories, or feelings.
None of them, cause who really imagines apples with leaves, or which are that red? Or am I the weird one...
In terms of vividry, then it would be one. I struggle in imagining anything lesser - I'm visually oriented mostly, so it is very instinctive. I'd have to be exhausted to get to level 2.

Internal monologue is pretty constant. Only 'slows down/stops' when I drink.
What do you suppose the connection is, @Reason ? if there is one
I'm not sure if there is, it's just kind of interesting to peak behind the curtain and see people's processes for thinking and understanding things.
I'm a 5 most of the time sometimes a 4, or 4 to 3. Very, very rarely a 2... With the 2 and 3 however, it's as if there is a textured glass shower door filter.
Yes, that's how it is for all of my visualisations, mostly.

They are also very transparent looking and not very vivid, hologram like sometimes. Very hard to explain.

Internal monologue? Ummmm.
Yeah? I guess so. I imagine things in sentences... Or I just "know" what goes with what.

For example, if someone asked me to meditate and picture myself at a beach, I would just think of being at a beach and what the environment would be like. Not picturing it.

Makes sense?
I'll ask 1M questions before we arrive with a picture in my head. If you say apple as in fruit or brand.. then I'll think of all them kinds.. so it'll start as 5 then 1.

:tired: I'm told i complicate things even the simplest questions.

I'm in an eternal internal monologue since forever.

Now I'll internally monologue this thread and how I responded to this thread. Thanks reason.