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Nov 12, 2008
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I have two words to say: Anne Coulter


Comments, ideas, feelings, ect?
Whut? I don't like The View. Bunch of females bickering is not my thing.

I say that single motherhood is a good thing if the father is (was) abusive.
Oh I don't like the view either. But I came across some commentary of people saying is ann coulter "the worst guest ever" but they never showed the actual piece with her, so I looked it up on youtube. It is like watching a train wreck and ann is the engineer who is trying to crash it into as many things as she can.
Oh,darn.. I was hoping someone broke her jaw again! I maintain that everything MAnn Coulter does is Performance Art. That's or she's a liberal plant to make conservatives seem like stupid, bigoted jerks. She's can't be a real person. She just can't be. No one is that hateful and insipid.
Oh dear god.. I wish they would all just shush and take turns, and actually listen to each other before responding. that is stressful to watch, almost embarrassing, and disappointing to boot!

I don't know who the writer is but definitely not a giver of the warm n fuzzies. Yeah, some compassion would be helpful.

And after all that bickering, all I know is that she's blaming single-mothers... Are all View shows of that style?