Andrew Wyeth: 1917-2009


Waving Sage
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January 16, 2009 · Andrew Wyeth, one of this country's best known artists, died in his sleep in Chadd's Ford, Pa., early today; he was 91.

While one of America's best selling and best known artists, Wyeth was not hailed and was even shunned by most of those in progressive art circles.

But I loved him, and own several of his works, including a few studies, which are among my favorites.

"...the quiet and spareness of his pictures, the sense of longing and abandonment, of having exacted the maximum effect from the minimum means..."


Evening at Kuerners, 1970, Watercolor


Trodden Weed, 1951, Tempera on Panel


Swifts, 1991, Watercolor
Wow, I thought those were photographs when I first saw them. Truly a talented artist.
I remember studying Wyeth in school, and I always loved his work. To be honest I thought he'd died long surprised me when I heard he just died, this year.

We've lost many good people in the past two or three months. :( But back OT: He was brilliant to me. Controversial yes, and some criticized his work as too pedantic, but I always liked his painting style and color scheme.

I'm sorry he's gone. :(