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Ancient African Kingdoms


Shai Gar

I've always had a love of ancient history. Most particularly ancient civilisations, it started with my love of ancient greece and rome and egypt, and then became mongolia, khmer empire, and then celtic, and Zimbabwe, and Norsk and .... blah blah blah, I love ancient civilisations.

However I'd love to learn more about the most ancient continent on earth, Africa, it's bound to have some magnificent ancient empires. And it does

Zimbabwe, Mali, Kerma. Hell, Kerma was 5000 to 7500 years ago. I'd love to see a map of africa that had all the kingdoms on it. Even if there's a lot of politically anarchist space on there.

I should perhaps finish my degree and become a student of ancient history and anthropology
I love ancient history. Mythology, legends and stuff.
But not really studied it though.

Greek and Norse mythology :m085:
Ancient history is very interesting, would love to study it as well.
I really want to study south american too... All that landspace and only two known empires?
South American history would be most interesting to me. There were studies done that claims that humanity started in Africa, but then a handful of africans decided to move north, and humans just settled and others would continue to walk and settle, so apparently South America was the last place on earth to be settled by humans.

This documentary is really interesting to watch it opened my eyes to the world
New Zealand was the last major landmass settled by humans (apart from antartica). It really is the end of the earth.
but see, there's ten thousand years unaccounted for in south america with regards to empires, historical documents, et cetera. I'd like to lay the blame mostly at the feet of the catholics here since they burnt every book that wasn't spanish or latin in an effort for forced integration similar to what the early australian government did with aboriginals. but unfortunately some of the blame also lies with the southern colonists and destruction of the rainforests which might also have held archeological finds.

still, africa is extremely interesting to me, because that's where conan would have been
Been reading about south america and the Spanish. They really messed the place up. There is so much to see there I bet there are lost places just waiting to be found. And the people were very inteligent and enlightened. I love history now because it means something to me. When I was young I liked it but did not really understand all the other things at play that make up history.
I love reading about ancient African kingdoms, but it's difficult to find information on them. It's not impossible...just difficult. You're probably better off taking an online course from a credited institution.