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Time Lord
I must say that in all forms of the art of entertainment none could so surpass that deemed Shakespear.

upon returning from the play "All's Well, That End's Well" I must whole hartedly say that I've never enjoyed another form of entertainment. dayAmong all the negative objects I faced today from poverty to humiliation, it was blissfully washed away under the laughter of Parolles and Lavatche. Or must I marvel at the directos ability to adapt a play near impossible to read into one a thousand time more beutifull to watch.

I can only wait in solom anticipation for my return to the theater to watch Shakespear's most famous play come to life. O' to be or not be.
School ruined Shakespeare for me for years, but recently I've begun to develop more of an appreciation for him. Some of his stuff really is the work of genius (well, IMO anyway). And it's said he was an INFP too, so that's another reason for me to like him. :m171:
School ruined Shakespeare for me too, but I find most of his plots to be quite banal and predictable.
I've come to the conclusion that you simply can't truly apreciate Shakespear unless you watch the plays live.

I read Hamlet and Macbeth in highschool, they were o.k. but it's just not even close to being the same thing. I also have to give a lot of credit to the actors and to the director, they really made the play come alive.

Krump don't forget that these plays were made for people in the Elizebethan era where a poor girls did not marry royalty. though you are right that they are generaly predictable, comedis end with marriage and tragedies end with every one dead.
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