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May 29, 2009
Firstly I should state I still have a fair bit to fathom regarding the MBTI, but, I have a basic understanding. When I first found out about this which wasn't all that long ago, I came to the conclusion I was an INFJ. Then I thought INFP was more apt. But NOW after finding the following site:

and after reading the bullet-pointed characteristics of the E and I, the S and N, the T and F and the J and P I am at a bit of a loss.

The article above the questions does say that often people can think both apply and in which case it's recommended to try and think what you were like before the age of roughly 12.

When i was a young kid I was pretty extraverted and confident, but then again I did have a capacity to tease other people and often that is said to be indicative of insecurity. Since I started secondary school basically I became more and more introverted and stuck to myself and socialised less and less as i got older. It seemed as everyone 'matured' and I was still lagging and wanted to play toy soldiers and so I felt i didn't fit in. Obviously I'm not at that stage now (toy soldiers, though it can be fun), but the introvertness seems to have stuck. But now I wonder if I am, deep down, an extravert still and that my introvertness is a subconsciously adopted facade. Certainly socialising frightens me to a certain extent but I invariably feel a sense of satisfaction and a boost of confidence when it goes well.

On the extravert side, I sometimes act first and think later but will then have bouts of thinking 'no, you gotta think this through'.
On the introverted side I regularly require a lot of private time.
On the extraverted side, outside world events motivate me but on the introverted side I shy away from letting them motivate me so much if it involves people.
Also on the introverted side I prefer one-to-one communication rather than group.


When it comes to Intuition, I often imagine future scenarios, use my imagination to theorise about future events, and whilst I'm often comfortable deducing meanings from ambiguous info or explanations, on the sensing side I also like to have clear cut logical data infront of me! I do not however grab opportunities for the here and now, but I am fairly hot on recalling factual data from past events.


Perhaps this is the most interesting conflict. Thinking and Feeling. So thinkers instinctivly search for facts and logic when making decisions and feelers instinctivly employ personal feelings and guage the impact of their decision on people. I honestly can say I am both!! It will often depend on who's company I'm in. If I'm in the company of a bunch of thinkers I'll often feel compelled to introduce facts and a logical train of thought to the proceedings, but if I'm with a thinker I'll often adopt a more feeling, personal stance to the whole matter. That doesn't always happen though and I do think that I am more of a natural feeler. I feel empathy very easily.

Is it possible for the below to be the case? or is it more than likely I've adopted certain characteristics as a result of my experiences?

Thinking Characteristics

  • Instinctively search for facts and logic in a decision situation. SOMETIMES
  • Naturally notices tasks and work to be accomplished. OFTEN
  • Easily able to provide an objective and critical analysis.YES, but can't always articulate myself in saying it.
  • Accept conflict as a natural, normal part of relationships with people. YES
Feeling Characteristics

  • Instinctively employ personal feelings and impact on people in decision situations YES
  • Naturally sensitive to people needs and reactions. YES
  • Naturally seek consensus and popular opinions. YES
  • Unsettled by conflict; have almost a toxic reaction to disharmony. SOMETIMES


Finally, on the judging and perceiving side of things..
I make plans like a judger, but I adhere to them like a perceiver and often toss them aside at the drop of a hat or change them. I LIKE segmented regimented method of work like a judger, but I often will work in a multi-task manner and feel that method has it's own regimented order about it in my head, which is more of a perceiver I guess.
Like a judger, I am able to keep ahead of deadlines - but my laziness often makes me put work off till late. But, I do not like time pressure. Like a judger I will make commitments but then later, like a perceiver, feel they are interfering with my freedom and flexibility and curse the fact that I ever made those commitments.


I suppose I could say I'm a weak this and a strong that or a 50/50 this and a bit of this and that, but then it makes my 'type' so wishy washy I'd rather never have analyzed myself in the first place.

I have had far more of a precise result and finite grouping of my characteristics under one heading with Aura Colours (I'm a Violet/Abstract tan), but with this MBTI I am somewhat flummoxed as to my seeming conflict between the types.
INFP? I see you as an INFJ, could be wrong of course and it doesn't really matter
INFP? I see you as an INFJ, could be wrong of course and it doesn't really matter
Hmm. I suppose not. After writing that garrulous exposition I sorta switched off on the topic anyway.
So, did you settle on INFP, or are you still uncertain.

I have next to no knowledge regarding MBTI, and I'm not planning on aquiring any more either, so I can't give you much insight on the topic.
INFP/J is all I can say. It rhymes as well.