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  1. Rowan Tree

    Walt Disney's mbti

    Hi all, so... I'm thinking of writing a utopia (think fully automated luxury communism) in which Walt Disney awakes from a cryogenic chamber into the future, utopian world, Walt in Utopia. I realise the frozen at death story is completely apocryphal in the most untrue of all untrue senses, but I...
  2. Rowan Tree

    INFJ Utopia

    William Morris (perhaps an INFJ himself) once wrote: 'The only safe way of reading a Utopia is to consider it the expression of the temperament of its author.’ Along those lines, what would an INFJ utopia look like? For me, it would deprioritise competition and status, acquisition for its own...
  3. Rycka

    What if you're a God, who...

    who needs to create an Utopian World. How would you proceed? would you take anything out of human nature? maybe you would add something to it? What would You do?